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Next Chicago Meeting:   THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 2014, 6:30-8:30 PM

From the 12-5-13 MEETING:

meeting at new rebel's place

making an oven mitt

whistling while we work...

From the 11-7-13 MEETING:
The newest Sewing Rebel joins the group

and mending bloomers

From here to there needs to be updated...

From the 2-28-13 MEETING:  Working away at the Sewing Rebellion, but no photographs again.  We get so involved it's hard to sew and take pictures at the same time.  I know, no excuses...

From the 1-24-13 MEETING:  I've been amiss with keeping up blog posts here on the Chicago Pages of the Sewing Rebellion.  We've been regularly meeting as always, but forgetting to document our work.  So sorry.

From the 12-26-12 MEETING:  We had a holiday swap exchange of hand-made or thrifted gifts for each other at our Sewing Rebellion.   Here's some of the goodies:

coat with woven inserts

silk jacket embroidered & appliqued

 vest & 2 hand-made necklaces

hand-made sketchbook
hand-sewn infinity scarf

hand-made button & tie pins
boiled wool coat
2 hand-made necklace & a autobio book

From the 11-15-12 MEETING:
Sorry no pics, forgot the camera.  Anyway we took a field trip to Vogue Fabrics across the way from where we meet and got some great corduroy on drastic sale for under $2.00 a yard. 

From the 10-25-12 MEETING:

tracing a pattern and laying out on Halloween fabric
more seam ripping to refashion a top

deciding on stash fabric for a jacket pattern

modelling necklace made from bead stash


We interrupt our regularly scheduled meeting reports to bring you a stitch-in held in conjunction with OPENING THE BLACK BOX:  the Charge is Torture.  Frau Fiber, the founder of the Sewing Rebellion, put out a call for Chicago area stitchers to join the Chicago Chapter of the Sewing Rebellion to work on a prison bed-size quilt to commemorate the cases of Chicago police torture.  Work was done in the gallery during the opening reception on 10-5-12:

Frau and I...
moving to the quilt table
the quilt to be
some Chicago Sewing Rebellion workers
still at it...

detail of quilt stitcher in process
detail of stitching of face
detail of stitching of text
and more volunteer workers!

From the 9-27-12 MEETING:

top cut out during last meeting, finished up in this meeting

another kimono top being refashioned & darts removed from shirt

altering a top, finishing another, & hemming trousers
darning socks, mending a handbag, and starting work on a doll

From the 8-25-12 MEETING:

free pattern downloaded from internet and fabric cut for top

kimono top previously made, now snaps being relocated

From the 7-26-12 MEETING:

3 pieces in process at today's Sewing Rebellion

a white cotton dress being altered
a second slip covered cushion being hand-sewn shut
some seam ripping action on a linen dress refashioning to fit

From the 6-28-12 MEETING:

some of the group photo of SR meeting on Thursday, June 28
putting together free pattern downloaded from the internet
seam ripping action on Picasso-esque silk jacket

lace fabric scraps into top from a Japanese Sewing book

wristlet-in-the-making out of embroidered Asian fabric scrap

and bunch 'o Japanese Sewing Books

From the 5-24-12 MEETING:

before: maxi skirt with lining
 inside out with stitching showing & lining removed
waistband removed & turned into straps, voila - a sundress!

2 shoe redo's: 1 recovered, 1 toe removal
recovering shoes in process


From the 4-26-12 MEETING:
and completed with new neckline

seam ripping an accidental neckline
and sole making inserts
cushion recovering

From the 3-25-12 MEETING:
turtle neck sweater to cardigan with trim
a floral summer top
...with tucks on sleeves
dress remade with fabric inserts
and dress completed!

FROM the 2-19-12 MEETING:
Meeting of the minds on Sunday, February 19, 3-5 pm
Some pants hemmin'
and pants cut for a vest

making pattern for vest

another vest finishing up

and modeled!

SR badge turned brooch

and a baby tutu adjustment

FROM the 1-8-12 MEETING:
here's a pix of participants mending, prepping & sewing...

at the first meeting of the Chicagoland Chapter...
 of the Sewing Rebellion on January 8, 2012

the Sewing Rebellion
Chicagoland Chapter
 is alive and well
NOW meeting 4th Thursday each month,*
6:30-8:30 pm - always FREE

for all your mending needs & more!
Hosted by Pat Otto
~ at least a little ~

You are invited to emancipate yourself from the global garment industry by learning how to mend, alter, and/or make your own garments and accessories! Be Creative!

Please Bring: whatever you need to mend, and any sewing paraphernalia you have to do it. No previous sewing experience needed. Please know - altering garments, sewing problems which need solutions, instructional patterns downloaded from Sewing Rebellion, and/or your sewing machine - are welcome.

Location: Blue Lotus Art Studio, 912 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60202
*Ed. note:  Now at Sewing Rebels' homes on 1st Thursday of each month
Free the 4th 1st Thursday of each month from 6:30-8:30 pm.

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