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Thursday, July 4, 2013

There's a New Normal in Town

I don't know where I'm at in relation to it.  Yessireebob, can't make head nor tails out of things lately, but I'm still here anyhow, plugging along, skipping a beat now and again, making do, making time and then just being.

Gloves Meeting by Eloise de Hauteclocque

Thank goodness for my true love and that's the truth.  A bridge over troubled water.  Meanwhile Mom's in the hospital again.  She's "okay," per the latest version of normal.  What's that Zappa song?..there's no way to delay, that trouble comin' every day.  enough whining.

We're now looking for assisted living in Chicago because driving every week to Detroit is not working out.  Once that is settled, it should help a great deal.  But there is so much involved first.

painting by Robert Zeller

I have not been able to sew since Mother's Day, mid-May, when this all started.  I can't focus.  I think about her and what needs to be done all the time.  There are constant calls back and forth between me and various providers, etc.  Otherwise I just sleep.  I am the only relative she has.  And vice versa.  I know how the story ends, but the way there is still very hard to manage.  Everything seems foreign and unknowable - both practically and emotionally, ethically and financially, medically and psychologically. 

Yes, I'm still whining.  Which is why I haven't been posting.  or visiting blogs.  sorry.  I don't know what else to do or how else do be right now.  Greetings from a new place in pao-land!

Hold the Light, pastel drawing by Sharon Yamamoto
 "It is our choice to hold negative beliefs as the truth or to hold the light."

Thanks so much to all who have commented, your kind thoughts and words are appreciated and make me feel connected when I need it most.  I'm looking forward to being fun again, sometime, someday...