Project Minima:

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Monday, December 21, 2015

Another Flannel Shirt. Yes!

~ amongst other things ~

in the neighborhood.  Like this Christmas-red cape I made some years ago.

~ but here's the real star of the show ~

My newly finished flannel shirt!  So warm and cozy, I don't even need a coat cape.  It's made from the same Tina Givens Archie shirt pattern as last week.  But they look totally different because of the print, (I think.)

~ oh, I thought this was THE cafe... ~

ah, one door West.  Meanwhile, those are another pair of Tina Givens (who else?) Phoebe pants in grey twill.  I'm sure I've worn them here before.  I've made at least 5 or 6 pairs...flannel, twill, linen,  suede, velvet and corduroy.

~ le boot ~

And I leave you with the usual parting shot.  My red leather boots from ebay, but of course.

Now's the time to join the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style.  Shoes skip off to Cherie's Style Nudge.  Oh, Oh, and I'm finally wearing a wee bit of GREEN!   So I'll see ya over at Spy Girl's place for 52 pick me up: chartreuse.  Chartreuse?  Oh well, it's still in the Green family.  Right?  yeah.

Many thanks to Sara for the photos.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Me and My Cow Coat

~ mmmm ~
We got a thing going on.

After much hemming and hawing (now there's a turn of phrase), I eventually settled down with a simple, straight forward coat pattern for my faux fur.   McCall's 7257, view D.  Although I did make it bigger.  Who wants a skinny cow coat?!   I used some scrap zebra flannel for the pockets (hehe).  And made a removable collar/ scarf per Rhonda's suggestions here.  So cute.

~ ooo, ooo, and the lining... ~
is deep purple satin!  For some reason the color is not coming through in these shots.  Must be that mustard wall.  And what is that thing revealed underneath?  Well, I'll just tell you right now.

~ it's a flannel shirt, mmmm  ~

I just love flannel shirts.  Made from another Tina Givens pattern called Archie.  I played around with configuring the collar so it looks really cool instead of dorky.  But you can't really tell here.  so...

~ Trippen Dream Boots, the Happy Collection via ebay ~

The skirt is from a Katherine Tilton pattern, made a long while ago, Vogue 8837.

And that, my friends, are two out of three of my latest sewing adventures with the new Viking in town.  With many more in the wings (I imagine).

I'm even early for Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style (yay).  Hope to see you gorgeous gals there.  And almost late for Catherine's I will wear what I like faux fur party.  Simply must get these Trippens to Cherie's Shoe and Tell too.

p.s.  faux fur and lining is from Fabric MartAlthough they are out of those fabrics now, they are my favorite online source for great prices, fast service, and interesting fabrics.    

Vogue Fabrics is where my Viking Sewing Machine came from and the black knit with silver slivers fabric for my skirt.  They have a lousy website, but the store is close by (too close by) and they are unique and friendly.

p.p.s.  thanks to Sara for her photo-ing, great as ever.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

I've Got One Sweet Sewing Hangover

Yowsir, I can barely open my eyes.  And that's the truth.  (owhhh, this light is too dang bright)...

~ Katherina Fritsch, newspaper illustration ~

How did I get here, you might ask.  To the Seven Circles of the Sewing Cycle?

You know (sequence and duration may vary):  La De Dah, Denial, Anger, Negotiation, WTF, Acceptance and Now What?

Perhaps you've noticed my lack of participation in the bloggerhood lately, my barely being there.  I stand before you now and confess, this is why.  My Sewing Machine Broke!

~ Margarita Cabrera,  soft sculpture ~



Farethewell Singer.  

Hello Viking!

nuff said.

~ Cecilia Paredes, photography ~

 See you on the other side.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Featuring My Shoes from NYFW 2015

~ right there, center front ~
yeah, baby.  Now how did I get there?  How else?  I bought those chrome spray-painted booties on ebay, of course.   Cost:  $9 bucks straight from NYC along with the provenance of this photo, etc.

~ close-up with me wearing 'em ~
Here you can see the overall chrome spray with a spritz of aqua here and there.  Just lovely in it's brut naif, isn't it?

~ and my styling complete ~
Wearing a refashioned dress to fit & repair and very old store bought jeans.  You know, keeping it mono-chrome-ish.

Taking it to the streets...

~ a surprise snow fall, brrr ~

But see, see?  I did not make anything I'm wearing!!!  Post Minima here I come.  Although everything did come from ebay...(does that count for something?)  nah.

~ both sides now ~

Ladies,  I'm wearing:
  • $ Store sunglasses
  • scarf from ebay China
  • fabulous wool coat by Zoe of California from ebay
  • chrome ebay boots

~ I must confess... ~
...I did make everything I have on underneath.

~ boot on ice ~

Trotting on over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style to meet up with all the Visibles.  And Cherie's Shoe and Tell for sure.  See everyone there.  Oh, and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Want party.  Why wouldn't I?

Monday, November 16, 2015

What's Going On?

~ Here, There, or Anywhere? ~ 

I can't begin to go There.  

So I'll start Here.  

Meaning right In Here.  With me.  
~ I'm so Post Minima now ~
So let's just come out and say it.  

I mean sometimes I can just glide across the river of deNile like nobody's business.  Back and forth, back and forth.

~ like it's tea time with the beautiful people ~
Yeah, and I fit right in...

~ Really? ~
Nah, I don't think so.  And I don't want to really.  Yes, really.  But this aging thing is a bitch.  And no matter how feminist I (cl)aim to be, I can still go under over it.  

Just when I reconcile/ adjust/ surrender to the fact of one thing, another thing comes along.  And it is endless.  Well, hah, not quite.  It all ends when I do.  And that is sobering.  In a good way.  Like the power of negative thinking.  If you keep doing it to it's logical end, it becomes laughable in its petty ridiculousness.  

~ the Lady Steps Back to Regroup ~

~ And the Lady Takes Charge ~

...of what she can.  Like she's wearing the Petunia Dress made from a Tina Givens pattern,  Constellation Knee Socks from Sox Dreams, and very, very old navy suede boots from who knows where.

~ ah, yes you can see them here ~

More about Post Minima another time.  For now I'm dashing off to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style to meet up with the Visibles!  Then to Cherie's Shoe and Tell.   And Not Dressed As A Lamb's I will wear what I like extravaganza.  So many parties, so little time...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Out Takes x 2

Highlighting a doubleheader of no go photo shoots.  Yep, it's come to this, folks. 

~ whoa, I'm falling and I can't get up ~

But I'm wearing a flannel shirt rehabilitation of my own creation, home-made corduroy pants from Marcy Tilton Vogue pattern #8497, and refashioned suede clogs.

~in the sun drenched library ~

~ it's all very comfy ~

~ and look at that view! ~

Round Two:  Another day, another out take, still at the library...

~  ahh, Hot Harridan Reading! Must tell Melanie ~

~ aiyiyi ~
This time I'm wearing clothes made from the Phoebe pattern by Tina Givens (never to be worn together again) and Trippen shoes from ebay.

~ yes, now there's something pretty ~

Now, what shall I wear to meet up with Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style?  It'll have to be a last minute surprise, ya'll.  Cherie's Shoe and Tell is a clear choice.  Come on by.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Monster Mash vs. My Ouiji Sox

~ Here we are, doing our thing, ya'll ~

~ with a little Saturday Night Fever move, uhuh ~

It was all very scary.  Thank goodness for my Ouiji sox.  Although they didn't know what to spell out, given the circumstances.  Still, I felt covered some how...

~ until the dance of the seven three veils, that is ~

~ anyway, there were non-stop photo opps ~
  with thanks to Sara for photo-ing

Ladies.  I'm wearing:

  • a lovely batik cotton dress made from a Marcy Tilton pattern #8876
  • my upcycled black yoga shorts turned into sheer pantaloons
  • the aforementioned ouiji knee sox 
  • my ancient red Doc Martens
  • an old wooden bead bracelet that I found somewhere

 I'll be seeing you with the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style on Monday.  That's one not to miss!

Monday, October 26, 2015

What to wear with Pumpkins in the Neighborhood

Yes, it's getting to be that season.  But it's still nice out too.  So here I am in transitional wear.

~ in another vision from the This Is Not My House series ~

The dress is brown linen with blue cotton trim
made from a Tina Givens Madeline pattern, modified.
The top is a slinky knit thing
made from McCalls 6658.
Blue cotton over-the-knee sox
are from Sox Dreams
and the Blue Suede Shoes
are, as ever, from ebay.
Sunglasses from the $ store.

~  it's all very drapey, slouchy ~ favorite kinda comfy and practical, I do declare.  Oh, see those hanging pockets!

~ and strange views from behind ~

and last but not least...

~ the dancing shoes & sox shot ~

We'll be dancin' on over to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style tout de suite.  And Cherie's Shoe and Tell at Style Nudge.  Check us out!

photos by Sara and Viv X.  Thanks ladies!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Green Pleats and Mustard Walls

This just in:  I'm wearing 3 layers of pleats!
~ No, it's not a disco move ~

But I should be dancing, yeah.  ahem.  Who would paint their walls this color?

~ A  beauty school, of course ~

~ from  her-er-er  to-oo-oo  eter-er-er-nity ~

Just watch and listen - it's from my fav film & director and I just luv this song...

(If for some reason the video doesn't come through for you, just click here.)

~ ahh, brings back good memories ~

Oh yeah, I'm wearing clothes all made from Tina Givens patterns.  My newly made cotton print  Jacquelyn crop top, over a cotton Briare slip dress, over a striped linen Sugar slip.

~ that mustard wall is no match for my lovely ebay shoes and spaced dyed, over the knee sox ~
photos by Viv X.

And now it's time to join all the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style.  Come on by and join us.  And Cherie of Style Nudge, Shoe and Tell goes live on Monday.  See you then.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Brown Prints...Can They Be Fun?

 That is the question.

~ Sure, if you mix them all up with a dash of pink! ~

~ yaa ~

I'm wearing a chiffon print kimono top with satin lapels (oop Vogue pattern), stretch mesh animal print dress (Vogue 1217 heavily modified),  light weight flannel full slip (Vogue 7837 modified).  Cloth flower pin (made by Suzanne Carillo) and old beaded necklace (?).

~ whoo-hoo ~
What's this chair doing here?!

~ over the knee sox (Sock Dreams) and groovy shoes (from ebay) ~

Am I too matchy, though?  Anyway, I'm off to join the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet StyleAnd the Shoe and Tell with Cherie of Style Nudge.  Come on over and join in the festivities.

Monday, October 5, 2015

20 minute dress start to finish

I woke from my usual cat napping with a bolt of inspiration.  Went into my sewing room and wham, bam, just like that a groovy new dress was born.

Here it is as part of an ensemble with my chiffon bolero and matching underslip, striped sox and ballet flats.

~ The fabric is described as black, soft beige & white montage print dotted stretch netting lace ~

I was thrilled it could be so painlessly easy.  And fast.  And even look good.

~ and here it is on its own ~

I'm gonna show the how-to for those that care, but first a couple more shots of me against the pea green wall...

~ with my pink corduroy Becca Jacket, pattern by Tina Givens

~ and of course, my lovely Trippen ballet shoes from ebay ~

You'll crack up seeing my photo "tutorial" for the dress, so keep on going...