Project Minima:

Friday, May 31, 2019

Day 31 MMM'19: And So It's Time...

~ to say goodbye ~
I made the jacket long ago from a big 4 pattern, but I no longer have it to share with you. 

~ to all our family ~

Pants are made from New Look 6533  Stretch mesh top you've seen before, here.

~ I'll be seeing you ~

But not every day.  At least not until next May.

~ leaving you with my embroidered velvet shoes from ebay ~

I'll be stopping by Spy Girl's last day for May Florals. sniff.  Come on over.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Day 30 MMM'19: This Ain't Me

~ no, no, no, it ain't me, babe  ~

~ but I had put it on ~

~ so I just went with it ~

~ after all, it's not the end of the world ~

I made this dress long ago, didn't like it then and apparently still don't.  It's modified from Vogue 1312.  At first it felt too small, now it feels too big.  And the fabrics never really worked together.  The top is a stretch medium-weight jersey and the skirt is lightweight gauze.  I added the suspenders thinking it might help both literally and aesthetically.  I also added buttons on either side to gather up some of the excess fabric, from the front and back.   Nothing really helped enough.

~ you got that right ~

For today, I wore the black organza pantaloons underneath which you might catch a glimpse of in one of the photos.  Added a choker I made out of the striped jersey.  Wore some stretch jersey fingerless gloves I made.  And some striped knee sox with the platform Docs I wore already, but hadn't taken a close up shot.  That's as good as I could get.

I doubt if I'll wear it again, or at least not for another several years...

~ les fingeress gloves that I've never taken a picture of before ~

~ there's a glimpse of the pantaloons ~

~ and my Docs from ebay ~

And that's a wrap!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Day 29 MMM'19: A Lighter Shade of Pale


~ yes, it is ~

The blue shades are as old as that song I alluded to.

~ yes they are ~

The vest I made so long ago, I really don't recall.  But a long while after that, I refashioned the jacket that it was, into the vest that it is now.  I had also made matching pants.  Now where are those...

~ I seem to be misty-eyed ~

The shirt you've seen before and is a recent make from stretch mesh, self-drafted.  I wear it a lot.  The pants are a few years old now, made from a heavy linen table cloth using Tina Givens Phoebe pants pattern, modified.  Also seen here.

It was actually a bit cool out, so another layer was necessary.   
I threw this on for our walk.

~ recognize that print? ~

It's the same 2-sided stretch denim that I used for the pants I had on yesterday.  ha.

~  I luv the pattern used to make it ~

The Sewing Workshop's Thai Coat pattern.  I've made another one, here,  but this one is the best choice of fabrics for it.

~ and it's not hard to make either ~

and finally,
~ more Mary Jane Doc Martens from ebay ~

Only two more days to go!  phew.

Meanwhile, I'm all set to join Spy Girl's May Florals.  And go for Catherine's Share All link-up too.  Stop on by.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Day 28 MMM'19: All Them Blues

~ just kicking back here ~

~ being cool ~

~ ahuh ~

~ with a do-si-do ~

~ and all that jazz ~

So what's that I have on, you ask?   Well, glad you asked.

  • Layer #1 is from Tina Givens Lotus Shirt Pattern made from a Hawaiian cotton print a friend gave me.  I've made at least 4 of them that I can recall. You can see them here, here and here.
  • Layer #2 is also from Tina Givens called the Poppy Shirt made in stretch mesh.  As seen in another ensemble here.
  • Layer #3, again from Tina Givens, are the Oprah Pants made in two-sided stretch denim.  See the reversible side here and another rendition here.

And, of course, the pièce de résistance:

~ my Docs from ebay ~

These Docs show scenes from one of the sections of Hieronymus Bosch's "The Garden of Earthly Delights", a triptych he painted c.1500.  Can you guess which one is depicted?

And that's the way it was.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Day 27 MMM'19: Less Frou-Frou

while hanging out in all white again.

~ I enjoyed it so yesterday ~

~ thought I'd strip it down to the bones for today ~

I'm wearing the Gina Shirt Pattern by Tina Givens, modified, and made in handkerchief linen. 

~ both sides now ~
The bloomers are self-drafted and made in linen gauze - the same fabric as the Priscilla slip I wore yesterday. 

~ and here's my lovely athletic shoes (Puma) from ebay ~

Let me leave you with me modeling against my True Love's latest home improvement project...

~ a tomato cage to keep away those pesky squirrels ~

It has removable windows so we can pluck the tomatoes on demand - before the critters take a bite and then leave them laying allover the ground.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Day 26 MMM'19: Memorial Day Whites

This is just a test:
But go ahead and do it anyway
~ Do I Look Like I'm ... ~

  1.   in an ad for Magnolia Pearl Clothing?
  2.   a Victorian fairy?
  3.   modeling for Gustave Klimt (sans glasses)?
  4.   ready for here comes the bride?
  5.   dressed to kill?
  6.   all of the above
  7.   none of the above
  8.   other (add your selection in comments)

 Okay then, let's get the show on the road.

~ I know, I look better in infrared ~

But this is my real world, bay-bee.

~ and really, it all started with THE shoes ~

But first, what am I wearing?

  • 1st layer is an old linen jumper that I refashioned into a vest long, long ago.  Adding lace here and there as one is want to do, and big ole pockets out of upholstery fabric.
  • 2nd layer is an old lace tablecloth messed around with to turn into what I have on.
  • 3rd layer is a linen gauze slip made from Tina Givens Priscilla pattern.
  • 4th layer are the gauze & lace shorts refashioned with added organza and made into pantaloons.

~ the back view ~

Wherein you might exclaim, "What's that on her head?!"  But then again, you might not.  I've already worn it once a few days ago without embellishment.  Now I think I have it just right.  It needed ropes of pearls, ladies, not a dye job.  Yes.

~ Let's zoom in for the detail ~

~ and another vantage point ~

Oh my.  I just whipped these pearls from off my dress and up and around my hat in a flash (without even looking) because it just had to be.  Otherwise I couldn't stand all that twee.  Which is why I put the hat on in the first place.

~ and the golden Trippens that started it all, from ebay ~

I'll be joining Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style when she goes live.  And Catherine's I Will Wear what I Like as well.  Hope to see you all there.  Oh, oh, and I simply must do Judith's Hat Attack for May!  Do Come on by!

See you later,

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Day 25 MMM'19: Let's Clash Again...

Like We Did Last Summer

~ no sitting around being a wall flower ~

Yeah, Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your Rights!

~ are you with me on this? ~

~ Now let's make it happen, people! ~

And speaking of clothes (or letting clothes speak for you), the dress is ancient history, remade a decade or so ago to retro-fit with the addition of hot pink paisley.

The necklace is made from fabric scraps (from that batik elephant dress) with a close-up here.

~ Neon rainbow fishnets from Sock Dreams and Mary Jane Docs from ebay ~ 

What a nice day out, a Bob Marley kind of day...

I do believe I'm full of flowers so I simply must dash on over to Spy Girl's Flowers for May link-up.  Do come and see us all.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Day 24 MMM'19: What's Going On Here?

Back to normal-ish, really.  I'm wearing the same tunic as yesterday.  Thought I'd give it another chance, you know.  I was too quick to judge as sometimes happens when I've just finished something and it doesn't come out how I expected.  Often it just needs to marinate for a bit to be as it is.  Or rather for me to accept it as it is and go from there.

~ so let's give it a whirl, shall we? ~

~  ooo, a triple axle, I do believe ~

~ meanwhile, it's a cool and rainy day ~

And these are the pants I made the day before the tunic top.  So fast to make "leggings" from the same New Look pattern mentioned in yesterday's post.  My idea of leggings, that is.  More like skinny pants.  Made from a very thin, soft, stretchy cotton knit.

And perhaps you've noticed the shoes...

~ Z-Coils from ebay ~

You can't get more comfortable than these.  Talk about having a bounce in your step!

~ shoe porn ~


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Day 23 MMM'19: And Now for Something...

...Completely Weird 

~ Am I right? ~

~ No matter what the pose... ~

 It still reads weird.

~ yep ~

This was something I whipped up today to wear with something else.  And, of course, it didn't work out.  But it also didn't work by itself.  So rather than waste all that effort, I thought why not go over-the-top, whack-a-doodle weird. 

~ So here I am ~

If you want the info, I used some stretch mesh I had in stash and New Look pattern 6533.  It didn't look like this on the model - lower waist and not nearly so loose and wide.

I traced off the helmet hat I bought from Secret Lentil to make my own raw canvas one.  Haven't decided on a dye job yet.

Pants I've had forever.  They were called crochet beach cover up pants, I believe.

Oh, the stockings are the cutest things.  They're little lace footies with long elastic straps that you wrap around and around your legs and tie.  Perfect for see through pants, I might add.

~ paired with Jeffrey Campell silver flatforms from ebay ~

I'll be linking up with Judith's Hat Attack! for this one.  Come on by, won't you?

Until later,