Project Minima:

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just Another Day

in Blue and Grey.

We decided to start a new series of photos called "This is not my house," and this isn't.

~ I'm wearing a bunch of things I've made ~

~ But I'm just not that into me (today?) ~

~ aiyiyi, just look at this, no don't, never-mind ~

~ But, socks and shoes are always there for you, man ~

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Alright, Up Against the Wall.

Now turn around slowly...

Well, what have we here?

Okay, so how'd you get those shoes to match, lady?

What I'm Wearing, Gals:

  • Pale green plaid linen top hand made from Tina Givens Luella pattern with modifications
  • Striped linen slip/ dress hand made from Tina Givens Sugar pattern with modifications
  • Striped fabric Irregular Choice shoes from ebay

Let us not forget to mention photog experts Sara and Viv X for today's shoot.  Thanks, girls.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hey, Don't Say I'm Shapeless!

~ I'm a Square! ~

More or less.  Okay, okay, more on the order of a rectangle.  But isn't she lovely, that fabric of mine?  She just screamed out to be something that didn't interrupt her flow with unnecessary seams and such.

~ Her wish was my command ~

Keeping it as simple as possible, I even camouflaged the big patch pocket (on one side).  But couldn't resist throwing a little something something into the mix with another fabric pattern for the other pocket.  I edged the neckline and sleeve hems with narrow black seam binding and have side slits going above the knee so I can walk comfortably.

~ Just chillin' at the sidewalk cafe ~

Notice that flower clip in my hair?  I never wear anything in my hair, it's so fine and thin.  But I tried it and it stayed in!  Suzanne Carillo made one for all of us (among other things) at the Blogger Meet-up in Vancouver.

~ shozzz ~

Faded purple canvas multi-buckled zip-up the other side shoes by Blowfish from ebay.

Ed. note:  Pao was remiss in not mentioning the McCall's pattern #7020 view A she used for the bones of the dress (even though it's for a knit top)!

Pao also wants to thank photo-er Sara and her crew, Viv X for their delightful takes on her ensemble.  Thank you.


Sunday, August 9, 2015

Merrily I Sew Along...

and I've finished two pieces since returning home from the Blogger Mash-up in Vancouver.  Not counting the collaboration with Melanie's black silk top from my last post.  

Hot off the Press, here they are:

~ all linen all the time ~

What I'm Wearing, ladies:
  • $1 store reading glasses
  • original work-of-art necklace by Melanie
  • hand-made floral linen tunic using Sandra Betzina designed Vogue 1456 pattern
  • hand-made lemon yellow cross-dyed handkerchief linen dress using McCall's 6954 pattern
  • pale pink, tan and yellow-green Diesel athletic shoes from e-bay.

~ Straight On ~

I must confess, I just luv the way these pieces drape and flow.  It is linen, though, but it's also the design.  I figured I better get cracking on the obviously summer-like fabric now, while it's still warm.

~ Am I getting any better at poses yet? ~
After all those lessons and prompts in Vancouver, I hope I can improve myself...

~ Guess not, but hey, I wanted ya'll to see the back view! ~

It's not about me.  It's all about the sewing, the design, the fabric, etc., etc., etc.

~ Oh, and the shoes, of course. ~

A big thank you to Sara for doing the photos (Elaine's on vacation).

Saturday, August 1, 2015


~ I'm wearing an original Mel/ Mz. Baggs creation ~

I hope she doesn't mind that I altered it a bit to fit, then added some bits and pieces here and there, you know, because I could.  I thought of it as a collaboration even though it maybe wasn't technically.  But that's what I'm saying anyway.

~ the ensemble complete ~
There was no way that tiny black silk top was gonna fit me as is, but luckily it had three 1" tucks on each side.  So I opened them up from the bust down, which added more than enough width for me to wear it.  I was like, this will look so cool with those transparent trousers I just made. 

~ I was a hit in class today ~
But you know, a short crop top over transparent pants, uh, nah.  Adding another layer of transparency was just the ticket and I had exactly enough left over from the pants.  So I zig-zagged that baby around the hem of the top.  Poifect.  Then I needed a little something on top of the top for better proportions.  On went another bit of scrap around the sleeve hem.

I'm wearing some old suede clogs that I had spilled salsa on. I covered the mess with roses cut from Mom's old sweatshirt.

~ say goodbye Mz Baggs ~
Mz Baggs covered with a piece of black netting in an attempt to look more mysterious...