Project Minima:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Stepping Out of the Wardrobe

And just in time for Patti's Visible Monday and the party she hosts for us fortnightly.  Appropriately enough, I'm wearing my Bounce Back Ability dress, this time with lacy peach-colored fishnet stockings and new ebay sandals. 

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The State of Project Minima - Year 3, 1st Qtr.

Yes, I'm going into my third year now for Project Minima.  This summer quarter, production pretty much stopped alongside my mom's rapid decline in health.

Painting by Sally Moore.

It was only after she was relocated to a senior living community near us in Chicago last month, that I was able to focus on a new type of construction.  A Dress-Ability.  The confluence of mom being a bit more settled and of me being asked to participate in a show at my old gallery brought forth a renewed burst of creativity.

The only piece I produced this quarter was a dress made from an old turquoise top I deconstructed and various bits & pieces of fabric I auditioned from my stash.  I embroidered it's name, "Bounce Back-Ability" across the front.  I suspect it will become part of a series of Dress-Abilities.   You can see close ups of it on my Clothes from Summer page.