Project Minima:

Sunday, January 21, 2018

FINALLY, that Pamela Roland Coat is Done!

Yes, it is.

~ Ta-Dah ~

~ and here's what the pattern model looks like ~

As you can see, I made a few changes.  And a few changes happened because of me.  Like I'm not a 6'+ model, for instance.  Or I decided I'd like long sleeves and buttoned up collars on my coats.


~ notice the back is different ~

I know, rather suggestive, but I didn't need all that extra fabric around the shoulders so I ended up folding it over as much as I could.  And that's want I came up with.

~ it's such a weird thing ~

It's a cape.  No, it's a coat.  No, it's a Ninja Turtle.  A Rorschach Test?  hmmm...

~ Check out the lining ~

This was so hard for me to make, way beyond my technical abilities.  It had four layers, I was lost, I tell you, lost.

Meanwhile, let me show you that lining again that I hand-quilted to the batting...

~ yeah, baybee ~

And the humongous snaps I covered with fabric (woo-hoo) and hand-stitched on.  Speaking of which, every part of this thing was hand-basted first before it got to the machine.  No wonder it took me 2 months to complete - along with all the moaning involved.

~ awww ~

Then I had this brilliant idea that I wanted big (embroidered) bugs marching across the mid-back/ shoulder seam line.  I figured a bug a day.  But it took 3 days for the first bug.    I do think she's cute as a.  Even more time spent on the second, and I didn't think he fit in with the coat.  The third was looking good, but I still needed 4 more.  So for now, I just stopped and decided to wear the darn coat already.  geez.

~ Bug #1 (not sewn on) ~

I even went so far as to make a bug hat with silver veil over the eyes, kind of a 20s vibe.  But no, you're not seeing it.  It was really too, too, much with THE coat.  You know how it is.  Right?  Sometimes enough really is enough.

I can actually come out of hiding and join the bloggerhood at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday and the rest of those guys when they go live.  And here's Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like.  Yipee.