Project Minima:

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hit the Mute, Dear

~ this room has all the colors I can take ~

Today I've dressed myself in all sorts of pastel-y colors, muted patterns and soft textures.

~ And turned my back on bright and vibrant hues ~

ahh, the peace and quiet of lilac knitted over-the-knee socks paired with old Doc Marten Mary Jane shoes.

~ uhhuh ~

Can we get a close up of that?

~ yeah, that's what I'm talking about ~

Ladies, what I'm wearing today is:
  • the Becca jacket pattern made as a vest by Tina Givens (now out of print)
  • a linen wrap-around dress modified from Simple Modern Sewing
  • the aforementioned sox from Sox Dreams
  • the Doc Martens from ebay
  • $ store reading glasses
oh, and check out the handmade fasteners on my vest

~ fasteners by Sara ~
and photo-ing by Sara too!

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Copper and Wine...

with Hot Fuchsia and Dancing Leopard Dragons.  That's what I wore to school.

~ oh, I think this pix looks a little washed out ~

Or maybe it's just me.

Anyway the actual names of my clothes are Frankie and Olivia.  No, I don't go around naming them, but that's the names given for the patterns from Tina GivensFrankie includes the crop top and pants.  Olivia is the tunic top/dress.  I think they go well together. 

~ I mean Frankie just needs somebody else ~
Without Olivia or someone like her, Frankie would just be too, too...matchy-matchy!

Frankie is made from a deep copper stretch velvet with added wine linen trim that has writing on it!   Olivia is made from a slinky knit, I mean really slinky.  That's why she needs Frankie both over and under her.

~ whom has ambushed whom here ~

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Back to the Flannel

~ ahaha ~

If you've been around Project Minima long enough, you've seen this before.  My rehabilitation of fav flannel shirts.

This one comes complete with a black suede buckled bow taken off my old sandals.  Nice.  And that silk brocade was given to me by a friend.  It's from curtains, I believe.

~ look at that, it's so warm out I don't need a coat! ~

I added cuffs from a tablecloth scrap leftover from that series of  French house dresses I made out of old tablecloths.  The pockets were short sleeves from a dress made along while ago.  And the pocket, collar and button placket were covered with stretch mesh leftover from my handmade tights.

~ hey! This is my house ~

A friend gave me the ombre, pleated, dotted fabric.  All I had to do was run a drawstring through the top and a skirt was born.  Tights, now stockings, were from a swaporama held by Style Agent 99 way back when.  I remember I swapped a gauze peasant blouse for 'em.

~ shoe shot ~
Shoes, as ever, from ebay.  Xoxo is the brand. 

~ the jewels ~

Those golden scarabs are dollar store plastic glow-in-the-dark bugs painted gold by moi.  Retro-fitted with gold-colored jump rings through their creepy crawly parts.  Red silk cord is threaded through and voila.  One bug is on a cord as necklace, the other is on a pin as broach  - to be arranged at will.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bad Photos, Good Painting, Nice Enuff Dress

~ brown embellished corduroy dress with chiffon trim ~

I'm standing in front of one of my interior paintings from grad school, Bedroom Suite #2.  I had done a series of life-size oils of my apartment surroundings back then. 

~ here, the photo was so bad, I paintified it in photoshop ~

~ and with my Egyptian reversible coat ~

Here's what I'm wearing, Ladies:
  • $ store reading glasses
  • handmade necklace of ribbon, burnished/ hammered copper, and abalone shell
  • corduroy dress handmade from Tina Givens Clara Kaftan pattern, modified
  • reversible coat handmade from Koos van den Akker Vogue 2709 oop pattern, modified
  • shoes/ boots from ebay

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