Project Minima:

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Evergreen in the Snow

~ Me, as a Christmas Tree ~

~ with flashing bike light as hair ornament ~

Wearing my first make of the Tina Givens Lotus pattern sewn from cotton jersey.  I hand-stitched it with multi-colored thread that goes through the color wheel of primary and secondary colors.   Maybe you can see it better here...

~  and Mom's ancient wreath pin made of sequins & seed beads  ~

~ plus $1 store reading glasses & scarf from Goodwill ~

 ~ not to mention, Irregular Choice pixie boots from ebay ~

Happy Holidays to each and everyone.  See you all next year!

But first, let's link up with Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like, for some Christmas cheer!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chocolate Swirls on a Winter's Day

~ ooo, I should've left my coat on ~

~ twirling around and stamping my feet ~
doesn't keep the cold away.

I've worn the dress before.  It's a shirt-weight corduroy with embellishments I made into Tina Givens Clara Kaftan pattern.  With modifications, of course.  The neckline and hem are bound with brown linen and the sleeves were extended with some sheer brown stuff I had on hand.  I doubled it and then rolled it up like a cuff.

I found this old brown turtleneck sweater in the closet archives that worked perfectly.  Also there were these brown wool leggings.  I was surprised I could still get them on.  Both were from yesteryear.  Added the brown lace anklets and I was all set.  Oh, and then I made brown stretch knit wrist warmers that morning to go with.

~ the jewels ~

To help relieve my all Brownie look, I added a selection of golden brooches, artfully arranged, no less.

~ and my copper colored docs ~

from ebay of course.

And that's a wrap from me, here in Chicago, the land of sub-zero weather.  It was the last day of school and I have a month off.  It was also the day someone (!) dropped my million dollar nearly brand new sewing machine from the desk onto the floor.  Pause.  while I quietly reflect on that.  I am trying to distract myself rather than freaking out.  for now.  yeah.

So, hopefully, Patti and the Visibles will show up for the Not Dead Yet Style party cuz I am ready.  And Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like.  And whatever else is going on out there.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Back in Black

I am

~ Facing It Straight On ~


~ More Or Less ~

And now to business.  That's the first Thai Coat from the Sewing Workshop Patterns I made.  Using some black/beige spiral brocade fabric.  The pants are my second from the Trio pattern of the same company.  This time made 2 sizes smaller.  Seems their patterns generally run big.  The fabric is a lovely charcoal gray/sage spiral print cotton sateen.  The fingerless gloves are made with very stretchy black nylon knit using McCall's 7397 pattern.

and underneath it all...

~ my new wings ~

It's an ivory burnout stretch velvet made into a shawl-like cardigan from Butterick 6065.  I made the sleeves longer and lengthened the collar band.  The top underneath is a self-drafted tee and made from a scrap of abstract nylon sheer knit.

~ Yes ~

~ and big pant pockets, see? ~

~ I just luv this thing ~
It's so soft and snuggly and really does keep me warm.  I see more in my future.

~ both sides now ~

~ oooo ~

Check out my new-to-me Trippens from e-bay.  

After a hard day at the photo shoot, it was nap time for the crew.

~ Albertine et moi ~

On my way now, if it's not to late, to Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style.  Then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like.  Thanks Giving to all of you guys who stop by and read my blog.  You are what makes me work!  Thanks!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Black in the USA

~ noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~

~ oh no ~

~ no, I don't want to hear anymore ~

~ Paint It Black ~

~ No Colors Any More ~

~ NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~

~ What are those 5 Stages of Grief? ~

~ Denial and wearing Black ~


editor's note:  It's next week already.  Think I'll take myself over to Patti and the Visibles for Not Dead Yet Style, yeah.  And then after this no more black.

Oh, and the dress.  I made it awhile back using Katherine Tilton's V8834 top which I elongated into an ankle length dress.  Instead of all those buttons (and button holes), I used snap tape.  For this ensemble, I just snapped it up all willy-nilly and personally, I think it looks better than ever.  When I first made it, I wore it like this.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Interesting Outfit You Have On There"

... said a man as I walked into the elevator. 

~ uhuh ~

I laughed and turned around.

~ kinda like so ~

~ but my initial response was this...~

~ yeah bay-bee, and I have super powers too! ~

I wish.  Meanwhile, this is my second make of the Thai Coat by the Sewing Workshop Collection patterns. It is out of print, but is still available through ebay, etsy, etc.  I made it with an unusual double-sided stretch denim fabric - as you can see.

~ back scrap patch ~

It's very quick to make, especially if you don't follow all the directions.  Primarily, it's all folded over hems with mitered edges.  I did not use either of the double neck facings.  They seemed completely unnecessary and just otherwise followed the instructions for a kimono-like collar folding into the front lapels.  I also cut the front right and left panels as two separate pieces with a 4" seam up the back collar area, rather than cut it as one huge front panel with no back collar seam.  A huge unnecessary waste of fabric, in my opinion, for no aesthetic or design favor.  Eliminated the gigantic sleeve facing which was difficult to maneuver and again unnecessary.  Just turned over twice and hemmed sleeves.  Cut overall length at smallest size which was plenty long enough on my 5'5" frame.  Made it one size smaller than I would usually overall.  But the armholes for the sleeves were very low.  I raised them up by 2 inches and if made again would raise them again by 2".   They are still quite huge and I don't have skinny arms, that's for sure.

It flows beautifully as you walk and would look great in any number of fabrics from heavy to light.  As long as they are delicious on both sides.

~ dress print on your left side, coat print on the right ~

I'm wearing it with a double-sided fused knit I made awhile ago, also from a Sewing Workshop Collection pattern that I massively reinvented, the Bristol Dress.

~ grainy photoshopped look ~

~ and au natural ~

Check out those sox.  I couldn't believe I matched up everywhere!   The sox were leggings long ago and cut off as they became too small.  Then I sewed up the toes to make over-the-knee sox worn with garters.  voila.

~ and the ebay Vivienne, Trippens ~

I finally got some Cherry Red Doc Martens shoe polish and took care of these babies, the Docs, some boots, and wowser.

Trippen on over to Patti & the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style even while she's celebrating in NYC.  Then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like and Cherie's Shoe and Tell when they all go live.  See you there!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Arrest Me Red Moto Jacket

~ with my granny dress ~

I'm in my True Love's studio in front of his many works in progress.  A fabulous backdrop for my RED faux moto jacket, wouldn't you say?    The jacket is made from Marcy Tilton's Vogue 8795 with a few modifications.   I just added zippered pockets and lengthened it by several inches.

~ and now I'm swinging it ~

in the school playground a few doors down from my house.  You know, where I was standing at the Girl's Entrance the other day...

~ looking good unzipped too ~

They have that weird-o shredded tire rubber ground covering so no kid gets hurt.  

And you bounce when you walk across it, like doink-a-doink-a-doink, yeah.

~ while the ole Docs always look groovy ~

Off to Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style, then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like and Cherie's Shoe and Tell when they go live.   Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Fearless Farking Fashion, hmmm.

~ Chicago Girl is Here to Save the Day ~

Yeah.  From Farkless Fashion.

~ Chicago Girl after A Good Day's Work ~

of Fearlessly Farking Fashion From Her to Eternity and Back, with never-ending bravissima beamed directly and otherwise from Miz Baggs and/or Melanie among others who have not been named.  Like Shelley of Forest City Fashionista and her list of the Great 8.

~ You know who you are ~

But hey, there's way more than 8 Great Ones, right?    Do show and tell!  Patti's Not Dead Yet Style is a very good place to do it.  That's just where I started.  And who knows the places you'll go...

~ like leaving the geese behind ~

~ they only cross the road in single file ~

And you cannot interrupt them.

~ when I followed behind, they got all discombobulated ~

~ so yeah, that's the Chicago Skyline in the mist ~

It's about a 15 minute drive from here or so.  I'm at Montrose Harbor now which is a straight shot East of school, about 5 minutes.

~ and this is Lake Michigan and my newly made coat  ~

from DKNY Vogue 1074 .  It took a long time for me to construct.   You can read about it in excruciating detail on my Sewing Daily page if you want.   I do like the fabrics used and how it turned out.

~ hi ~

Chicago has open lakefront all along the city which is really wonderful.  Some areas are like this, others have harbors with sailboats, beaches and parks.

~ no swimming.  no kidding. ~

~ Hey, who's that bird on the Nature Trail? ~

Find out more details...