Monday, February 11, 2019

Sightings of the Scarlet Sasquatch

and other shenanigans 'round Antarctica Lake Michigan.

~ shhh, there she is now ~

It must be disconcerting standing on what was once the lake, now covered with frozen piles of sand.  Beyond are huge chucks of ice floes stretching out to the horizon.

~ what is she doing now? ~

~ ah yes, tasting it ~

~ and Happy Valentine's Day to You! ~

Live, from the shores of Lake Michigan, in Chicago.

~ I gotta get out of this place ~

Please note for your viewing pleasure:  my Walking Dead Doc Martens boots from ebay, my Spirit Hoods fur hat also from ebay, the hand-knitted (or is it crochet?) scarf from a friend, and my Mom's old "shopping" coat.  All coming together for the perfect Scarlet Sasquatch ensemble as named by today's photographer friend, Sally.

~ with a parting shot of the break water (ha ha) ~

I'll be heading on over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like, Cherie's Shoe & Tell and Judith's Hat Attack.  Come on by.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Rip Roaring RRRed

and ready to celebrate the big thaw... now that freezing temps seem balmy...

~ compared to the POlaR VorTEX ~

Yes, where for as far as you could see, Lake Michigan was FroZen, I tell you.  Never seen anything like it.  Even now at 40 degrees or so, the waves of ice caps coming to shore are still frozen in the act.

~ the coat I finished while being house-bound ~

Even mail service was suspended for two days because of the arctic freeze.

I saw this incredible helmet/bonnet/hat on Secret Lentil's site while I was in the midst of making my canvas frayed red coat and knew it was mine.  I adore it.  Check out her site for the amazing, one-of-a-kind, pieces of clothing she designs like no other.

Don't you think I should figure out how to dye fabric so my coat doesn't look so pristine?

I was planning on making a bunch of shades of red clothes to wear with the coat/duster.  I had in mind:  velvet, faux leather, taffeta or satin, mesh.  But then I just couldn't wait to wear it when the weather broke.  

So I shopped my closet, as they say.  I found that really invigorating.  I've never put something together based on wearing all one color before.  I layered one red thing over another and poof.  I was a force to be reckoned with.

~ this is what I wore to school on Saturday ~

More or less.  I also had on my other red coat over it all cuz it was still cold out.

~ yeah, bay-bee ~

The top dress is a cotton blend made from Tina Givens Rosalind pattern.  The under dress is from a Katherine Tilton Butterick 5986 pattern made out of a thin slinky knit of which the scarf thingy is also made.

~ real redness here ~

~ xoxo shoes from ebay ~

I'll be heading on out to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style party, Cherie's Shoe & Tell, and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when they all go live.  Come on by.  Oh, oh, and Judith's Hat Attack for February.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Greetings from the Frozen Tundra

...located down the street at Lake Michigan.  Yea, just enjoying the sunny, 10 degree weather with a -6 wind chill.

~ Can't tell who that is? ~

I'll try zooming in

~ hmmm ~

Okay, what if I just enlarge myself all over the place
~ I'm actually getting hot now ~

Maybe you can get a hint by my ensemble
~ hey, flash you! ~

and now for the piece de resistance (spoken with a French accent)
~ my Geisha moon boots ~

Didn't I recently post about Surviving the Tropics in Chicago?   Well, that was then and this is now.  And by the way, I did make the vest I have on out of scraps of fabric I had on hand...

I'll be linking up with Patti and the Visibles and Not Dead Yet Style, Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like and Cheri's Shoe & Tell when they all go live.  Come on by.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

What Works for Me and What Doesn't

I'd been thinking about doing a post on what didn't work in 2018, but it sounded so gloomy.  Then I read Catherine Daze' latest post and I was like, yeah, that's helpful.  I can get into that.

But first, here's...
  the Dress for the Season
~ image by Tom Chambers ~

 and now, here's...
  my illustrated take on:

How I Do What I Do, What Works for Me, 
and What Doesn't.

~ painting by Lori Field ~

Much of my sewing experience is directly related to my experience as an artist.  I use that as my paradigm for everything really.  My creative process I call it.

~ by Chili Jenson ~

  •  I can't push or force it.  If I try and bully it, things turn out all wrong, stilted, boring, trite, you name it.  

    ~ painting by Cassie Taggart ~

  • On the other hand, I can't just lay around waiting for a brilliant idea to bubble up either.  

~ painting by Joyce Ho ~

  • What I have to do is show up every day and be ready to go.  

~ image by Jenny Bowers ~

  • And take some kind of action toward sewing (or whatever the creative thing is). 

~ colored paper doll by Liat Yaniv ~

  • I do it without a plan, just starting somewhere, anywhere.  I might look at my Pinterest board, or pick out a fabric that calls my name, or a pattern.  I don't make a big deal about choosing the "perfect" any thing.  The important thing is to just start

~ Woman Sewing by Helen Chene ~

  • I remind myself to be patient (if I need to), that I have all the time I need to do what-ever needs to be done and there's no need to hurry for anything.

~ painting by Elena Papadimitrion ~

  • I pay attention to the "whispers" throughout the process.  If I don't, loss of integrity is the price I pay.   In other words, I try to catch myself doing anything by rote.  If I'm bored, it will be boring, etc.

~ painting by Mary Jane Ansell ~

  •  If I need a break, I take it.  As long, or as often, as needed.   How do I know I need a break?  I'm frustrated, confused and can't make decisions...

~ painting by Maria Kalman ~

    •  ...I've found that what's actually going on is:  I've stopped paying attention to the whispers, to my creative spirit, and I've started doing what I think I should be doing rather than what needs/wants to be happening.   And if I keep on going in that direction there will be hell to pay, I tell ya...

~ installation by Chihara Shiota ~

    • ...Actually, I just can't keep going on that way.  A cat nap to the rescue.

~ painting by Anna Afanasjava ~

  • Sewing with a plan does not work for me.  Whenever I've tried to make something to go with something I already have, it has never, ever worked out.  Never.  Whatever it is, it simply doesn't go with what I made it for.  It does, however, always go remarkably well with something else I have.  

~ painting by Alexander Sterzel ~

    • When I spontaneous buy fabric I luv, or make something I like, I miraculous find stuff to wear with it.  It seems like most of my stuff goes with most of my stuff.  Probably because I'm the one who liked it and made it from that creative space and not from any "shoulds."  In fact, it's during MeMadeMay that I find out how well my clothes combine in ways I hadn't realized before.

    ~ painting by kt small ~

    • Sewing according to a pre-scribed type, format or style doesn't work for me.  In fact, I can't stand it.  For me, it's too regimental and goes against my idea of creative processes. 

    ~ painting by Amy Blake ~

    • However, I do enjoy the benefits of being organized...  
      •  ...My fabric stash is in sight and arranged by type and then by color.  Most of the fabric is labeled with content, yardage and width.  It is listed similarly on a Pinterest board... 

    ~ photo of Dorthy Liebes, Textile Designer ~

      • ...My patterns are arranged by type in Clementine boxes on shelving units, while PDF patterns are in alpha order in 3-ring binders.  They are also listed by type and brand on Pinterest boards... 

      • ...I have Pinterest boards of clothes I've made, clothes I'm working on, my sewing queue, ideas for fabric I have, details to consider and more.  I find all this extremely helpful, especially in the just show up and take some kind of action phases.

    Okay then, that's all I can think of for now.  I've posted this so I can flip back here and remember when I'm in that 'spaced out, what am I doing' phase.  As much as I go through the process, I can be as unconscious as the best of them!

    I'd luv to hear how your method of sewing works for you - as everyone has their own way.  Thank goodness for that, eh?!

    I'm joining Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style, and the others too, if they're on during the holiday season.

     Here's to a Glorious New Year!

    ~ image by Chen Yan Ying ~

    Friday, December 21, 2018

    Top 5 according to True Love

    May wonders never cease.  Here's the top five, as chosen by my True Love (who doesn't even read my blog)!   But in this case, he went through all the pix for 2018.

    And here they are counting down backwards:

    No. 5 

    So, how'd he do?  Agree?  Beg to differ?  Have a different selection to offer?  Go for it!
    For more info about any item pictured, click on the No. 1-5 and it will take you to the post.
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