Project Minima:

Monday, June 18, 2018

Transparent Gray, My Way

This light weight, woven striped, gray linen ensemble was a long time coming.  Started in May with many pauses as I figured and re-figured how I wanted to go with it.  I believe this is its final incarnation.   I luv that it's transparent.

~ on a hot June day ~

I started out using the Tina Givens Frankie pattern, but soon found myself going my own way.  I needed to use all French seams because the linen raveled just by looking at it and would certainly do so if there was any stress put upon them.  The pattern design includes an extra panel down both sides, so even more French seaming was necessary. guessed it, the pants became too snug.  At that point, the changes kept on coming, but slow as molasses.  

~ see? they're also dungarees ~

That's where the crotchtal panel in jersey came in - after much research on how I might embiggen pants after they were already made.  The stretchy, thin, charcoal jersey insert made the pants more baggy and flexible.  It was also used for a yoga-type waistband.  You can't see them here, but I attached mitten clips as suspenders using the jersey for straps.   It helps with transparency issues.

~ or I can wear this exaggerated muscle tee I made for extra coverage ~

The tunic took even more modifications.  I ended up using bias strips of the jersey to fold in half lengthwise and sew onto the neckline and sleeve edges.  Letting the edges of the jersey roll up as it wants to do.  I added a 4 inch strip of jersey to the hem of the tunic and did not like it.  Seam ripped it all out.

The top just looked too big in front.  Jerry-rigged it to overlap down center front in a narrow triangle and stitched it down.  Added a 6" strip of horizontal linen attached with a French seam on the outside and liked that look much better.  Are you still here?

That's what I wore to work out today.  With different shoes, of course.

~ groovy sandals from ebay ~

I added the back strap from that gray jersey cuz they would not stay on my feet otherwise!

And with that, I'm off the join Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style, Catherine at I Will Wear What I Like and Cherie at Shoe & Tell.  See you there.