Project Minima:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Can I Say Couture Manure?

Because that's what I've made.  All that time spent hand-stitching and I came up with an epic fail.  blah-ha-ha.

~ painting by Anita Dominoni ~

In retrospect, I suppose it was one of those what was I thinking scenarios...  But, on the other hand, I do love me some hand-sewing... Maybe taking it from fingerless gloves and hats to a designer coat was a bit  much.

Well in the end, or what I believe is the end at the present moment, I managed to move it up a couple notches from epic fail to moderately passable.  That means from only wearing it as a bathrobe to maybe wearing it out of the house on occasion. 

Okay, so if you want to see me in it, turn the page...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Out of the Blue...

There I was sitting at home hand-sewing a couture item for myself (to be mentioned in a future post), when...wham! bam! thank-you ma'am!...I received this email from a heavy metal band in Geneva, Switzerland. 
~ painting by Marieloes Reek ~
Yeah, this is a True Story.

They're called Promethee (that's Prometheus pronounced and spelled in French, ya'all).  They wanted to purchase one of my mandala drawings, Day 203 to be precise, for promotional use with their band.  Yep.  Mathieu, the bass player, said they had stumbled upon my Mandala-a-Day blog and really liked my work. Uh-huh.

It wasn't for sale, since it was contained in a sketch book as part of a series I did every day for a year. So after some back and forth correspondence in which I thanked them for not just ripping it off the web, I ended up sending them a higher resolution jpg of the image.   Mathieu asked me to also write their band name (PRMT) in my own script, separately, so they could include it underneath the mandala.  1,000 are going to be made as promotional give-aways when the band plays next.  hee hee hee

So dudes, here they are playing a little something, something...

Well alrighty then.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

(New) Shoes and a Coat

~ painting by Ruben Grigorian ~

Yes.  I purchase a new-to-me pair of shoes/ boots from e-bay and made a coat recently.  Back at it apparently.  Here's the latest:

and I really like 'em

The coat (well, jacket, actually) I made a few months ago, but never got to posting it.  I really like it a lot too, but see for yourself.  Made from fabric in my stash going back nearly 20 years!!! 

It's a deep, dark burgundy velvet with....

copper-colored organza sewn diagonally at half inch intervals, then slashed opened in between the stitched lines to reveal the velvet beneath.'s reversible!!!

with a tapestry/ upholstery fabric of  Egyptian motifs!

You can see details and the pattern that I deviated and derived it from on my page: Clothes from Winter.

Hey, it's not to late to join the gang at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, so let's do it!  And while I'm gadding about, let's step on over to Bella's Shoe Shine party for February.  Thanks ladies for the open invite!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Boy, Am I Outta Whack...

I don't want to get into it:  how confused I seem to be.  I mean really off. 
Nevertheless, here I am with a hat on.  And I made it.

sigh.  I made it by hand, while I sat by Mom's bed the last few days of her life.  
It took days and days and that was good.  

So now I can finally join Judith's Hat Attack!  whoo-hoo.  See you there.