Saturday, March 14, 2020

An Ode to Corona?


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Navy and Stripes

~ No doubt about it ~

That's my old pea coat from high school.  Ok, maybe it was college?  ahhh, I luved that thing...which is why I still had it in the ole archives.

~ And here's another thing ~

This jacket was made much later, say only 25 to 30 years ago.  Also lodged in the archives.  I can wear this stuff now!

~ Yikes Stripes ~

The top is highly modified from a free Tessuti turtleneck pattern which contains nothing from the original except for the body, kinda.  Thank goodness it was free because while the body is extra long and boxy, the sleeves and turtleneck are inhumanly tight.  

Details are:  
  • On the body, I shortened the front more than the back and allowed for slits on each side just to make it more interesting. 
  • I used the turtleneck piece to wrap around the upper arms in lieu of the pattern's sleeves; cut the "hump" off the top of the sleeves and added them on below giving myself extended looong sleeves with a thumb cut-out. 
  • I used the strip of fabric cut off the bottom front and used it for a very modified T-neck band.

The pants from Sandra Betzina's Vogue 1355, however, fit amazingly perfect right out of the box at a size C.  The fabric for both is a slinky knit.   The pants only take a few hours to make at most with 2 pattern pieces, one for the pants, one for a waist band and take much less fabric than the pattern suggests. 

The top doesn't take much fabric either, but I did have to figure out how to rescue it.  I do like it in the end.  And I know I wouldn't have created what I have now if I hadn't been forced to come up with ways to resolve the pattern inaccuracies.

~ worn with Mary Jane Docs from ebay ~

By the way, I've been working on those 2020 goals.  All of them moving right along...ahem...except for the stop buying patterns one.  (did I say that?)  Well, I haven't.  Stopped buying them, that is.  But everything else is as smooth as silk.  I've even been making what I call everyday, normal things, like what's above.  You know, pants and tops that you can wear around the house, outside, exercising.  Even sleep in if you want to...

Meanwhile, I'll be joining up with Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when they go live.  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year & Hence Forth...

~ Sewcialists Goals ~

Yes, on to 2020 and so on (in no particular order).  

I'm gonna:

  • spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day in the sewing room.  I know it will all add up to something.  Even if it's sewing-related and not sewing itself.  Like organizing the space, or cutting out a pattern, or choosing the fabric for it, cleaning up, etc.

  • I've resumed my intensive exercise and nutritional regime for the next 3 months (as I did in the beginning of last year).  So I need to...

  • spend time reassessing what I've made and what I can/want to wear now that I've lost weight and inches over the last year and kept it off.  Since I'm continuing that program, I'll probably be losing more weight throughout this year, so I want to keep on top of things.

  • spend time remodeling the clothes I want to keep so they fit the newer me.

  • make some everyday, normal things I've always wanted.  Like stretch mesh t-shirts.

    • use that amazing fabric, at least for one project.

  • oh yeah, stop buying patterns and fabric, oh my.

  • and here's a big one, be more creative in my sewing.  Actually this relates directly to stop buying more stuff.  I've always felt, less stuff = more creativity.   Remind myself to think of sewing as I thought of my art-making and the creative process.  

I do believe that should be enough already.

The only thing I'm already feeling some resistance toward is using the precious fabric.  Probably because it causes me to step back.  It doesn't free me up like all the other points do.  Think I'll just cross that one off the list for now.  Yep.

I'll leave you with this post I wrote for the New Year several years ago which sounds pretty familiar.

~ Buddha with mudra of greeting, prayer & respect ~

And we simply must bring in the New Year with Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet StyleCome on by.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Reflections of...

Sewing Top 5 of 2019
~ Sewcialist Reflections ~

Through the mirror of my mind, time after time, I see...myself continuing to withdraw from...a world that's a distorted reality...
~ paraphrased from The Supremes "Reflections" 

I do believe it's part of my getting older.  I'm not interested in giving away my time or breath on just anything any more.  No.  Not even Maybe.    This attitude encompasses a lot of people, places and things that seem to be taken as status quo.  Well, I guess I've always been eccentric.

Anyway, I see myself continuing in this vein of being ever more selective of where I focus my energies.   Of paying attention to what makes me feel swell and what doesn't, and traveling toward the former as much as is possible.  And minimizing the latter as much as is conceivable.

Is there a picture for this?

Image result for The Supremes "Reflections"
~  of course there is ~

Can I still party with Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style?  I'm gonna try and make it happen.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

I've Got Highlights for 2019!


Sewing Top 5 of 2019
~ Sewcialists Top Highlights ~

Yeah, at first I thought "huh?"  But upon further consideration, I came up with some really good ones.

I officially retired this year, 
signing up for social security, medicare, etc.  And I also retired all my licensures, registrations, certifications, memberships and insurance for practicing as an Art Therapist and Clinical Counselor.  (phew is right)

Although I am still teaching a painting class at the local college (30+ years).

~ end of year class photo ~

That's me in the dress.

I finally organized some stuff this year, finally!  
And they're still organized!  That would be the junk room which I've completely cleared out.  Now all my gloves and scarves are organized by color in those clear hanging pouch-like things in the hall closet. Purses, bags and totes are arranged by size on shelves in the same hall closet.  Winter coats in there too, with light coats/ jackets in the spare room closet.  
I could go on and on here, but you get the idea.

Someone made me a quilt! 
It was completely unexpected and quite a thrill to receive.  Made out of fabric scraps from clothes I had made...and I still had no idea that it was going to happen.

~ Thanks Jackie, it's a nightly affair ~

I upped my exercise regime and monitored my nutrition intake in January 2019 for 3 months.  
And have kept off the weight and inches all year!  I've continued my regular exercise and eating program after the 3-month intensive and I'm at my lowest weight/inches in decades, decades, people.  Thanks to all the support from my coach, sister exercisers, friends and especially, my True Love.

~ I feel great! ~

And writing all this down has made me feel even better.  What a great idea Sewcialists!

I'll be linking up to Patti @ Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when they go live.  Come on by.

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