Project Minima:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Oh dear, oh dear...

I guess I'm just a head lately.

~ Reclining Head Self Portrait, encaustic on wood, Otto ~

(heheh.)  With my sewing, that is.  All else has been a little behind.  Okay, a great big ole behind.  (heheh.)  But let's not get into t-h-a-t.

I'm finally showing my face with the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style.  Before it's too late and the party's over for the summer.  Too bad there's no pictures to show you of any of my hand made clothes.  [there's a big pause here while I swallow all my negative thoughts].

I have made lots of stuff I like.   Been thinking I need to revamp the blog, or maybe restart one.  It's no longer really Project Minima anymore.  Project Post-Minima?   Any advice from you guys when you've found that what you started out doing has changed into another focus point?  Does it work best to just pack it up and start over with a new blog?  Or just continue on as is, but with a different point of view?

More later, and sooner.