Project Minima:

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Evergreen in the Snow

~ Me, as a Christmas Tree ~

~ with flashing bike light as hair ornament ~

Wearing my first make of the Tina Givens Lotus pattern sewn from cotton jersey.  I hand-stitched it with multi-colored thread that goes through the color wheel of primary and secondary colors.   Maybe you can see it better here...

~  and Mom's ancient wreath pin made of sequins & seed beads  ~

~ plus $1 store reading glasses & scarf from Goodwill ~

 ~ not to mention, Irregular Choice pixie boots from ebay ~

Happy Holidays to each and everyone.  See you all next year!

But first, let's link up with Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like, for some Christmas cheer!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Chocolate Swirls on a Winter's Day

~ ooo, I should've left my coat on ~

~ twirling around and stamping my feet ~
doesn't keep the cold away.

I've worn the dress before.  It's a shirt-weight corduroy with embellishments I made into Tina Givens Clara Kaftan pattern.  With modifications, of course.  The neckline and hem are bound with brown linen and the sleeves were extended with some sheer brown stuff I had on hand.  I doubled it and then rolled it up like a cuff.

I found this old brown turtleneck sweater in the closet archives that worked perfectly.  Also there were these brown wool leggings.  I was surprised I could still get them on.  Both were from yesteryear.  Added the brown lace anklets and I was all set.  Oh, and then I made brown stretch knit wrist warmers that morning to go with.

~ the jewels ~

To help relieve my all Brownie look, I added a selection of golden brooches, artfully arranged, no less.

~ and my copper colored docs ~

from ebay of course.

And that's a wrap from me, here in Chicago, the land of sub-zero weather.  It was the last day of school and I have a month off.  It was also the day someone (!) dropped my million dollar nearly brand new sewing machine from the desk onto the floor.  Pause.  while I quietly reflect on that.  I am trying to distract myself rather than freaking out.  for now.  yeah.

So, hopefully, Patti and the Visibles will show up for the Not Dead Yet Style party cuz I am ready.  And Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like.  And whatever else is going on out there.