Project Minima:

Monday, July 29, 2019

Oh, Just Some Silly Summer Thing

~ Whatever can I say? ~

How about:  it's sub-tropic weather again.  You know, 90+ degrees, humid as all get-out, with intermittent crazy showers.    So I wanted to make a Hot Dress.

~ Yep, and this is it ~

Something that slips on and doesn't stick to you.  Lightweight and oh, so soft.  And still protects me from the sun.

This is one of the homeliest dress I've every made/ worn.  I think it's basically like a housedress, if you can remember those.  I even added hot pink lace to jazz it up a bit.  The pattern is Simplicity 8332 and started off as View A, but looked ridiculous and turned into View B along the way.  Sort of.

~ Yeah, well, I'd like to see what you come up with...~

I raised the neckline, lengthened the sleeves and the hemline.  I did not gather the skirt to the bodice, but put two very small tucks in both the front and back.  No lace at the hem because I used it to cover up the seamline where I added length to the original short cut skirt.  I also made one size larger than I needed, because that was the smallest available with the pattern I had.

And that's a wrap.  Speaking of which.  I tied a piece of fabric around for an obi-like look in the first photo trying to make something happen.  But suffice it to say, I don't think I'd actually wear it like that out and about.

~ crocs from ebay ~

And now I'm off to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style and then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when she goes live.  See you there.  Oh, and I forgot all about Spy Girl's Summertime link-up.  So off I go.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I'm Jump Suiting Now

~ no, doubt about it ~

I've caught the bug that's been buzzing through the bloggo-sphere.  This is actually the second one I've made.  Different style, not yet photo-ed.

~ What do you think? ~

Are jumpsuits your thing?  I think I like them.  They're like dresses in terms of one item and you're done.  And even more comfortable.  There is the bathroom thing.  But there's always the bathroom thing in one way or another.

~ Right? ~

The pattern is Vogue 1617 and the fabric is old stash, a synthetic jacquard, last seen as a dress, here.  I think the pattern runs large so watch out for that.  I made a size medium.  Also, I cut at least 6" off the length of the pants and I'm 5'5".

For something as simple as it looks, I found it very fussy/ fiddly to sew.  The top and the pants are pretty straight forward.  It's the waistband/ belt, pocket arrangement that seems unduly complicated.  I found the instructions and the illustrations cumbersome at best.  And really began to doubt my sanity after awhile.  (Did I no longer know how to sew?)

~ Of course I do, dahling ~

But I must (must I?) admit I did sew French seams through out and had to undo two long seam's worth because I put them in backwards.  aiyiyi.   Surely something that happens to the best of us...

~ Nevertheless, She Persisted ~

Might I add this was perfect for working out.  And I continue to lose weight to boot.  Just full of myself today, it seems.

~ my bosom buddy ~

A $ store plastic bug I painted gold, stuck on mini pearl eyes and a pin clasp to keep things decent.

~ and the golden Birkenstocks from ebay ~

Now I'm off to join Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style before it's too late!  And Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like, which starts now!

Monday, July 15, 2019

I Got Birkenstocks!

How in the World did that Happen?  You may ask yourself.

~ Well, let me tell you...~

I was already dressed like this, complete with the anklets, when they came in the mail from ebay.

~ I had to put them on immediately, of course ~

And dash off for the camera, ooo-ing and aahh-ing all the way.

~ so much better than the gray Nike sandals I had been wearing ~


Before I get to the centerfold shot, I simply must say a few words about the ensemble (which I have worn before).  I'ts a lightweight, pale blue linen shirt dress made from a Vogue Miyake pattern #1544 and last seen on me, here.

~ Les Golden Leather Birkenstocks ~

They looked as though they hadn't been worn before and no one was bidding for them?!  Well, almost no one.  Like 3 people and I won them for $21.00!  I guess it's cuz they were Mary Janes and not the popular sandals.  I usually don't even bother bidding for Birkenstock sandals because no matter how gross and used they are, people bid up to and over hundreds of dollars for them.  yuck.  But there was no action on these babies.  Yeah for me.

I think I'll wear them to bed.

And certainly to Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet StyleOh, and Judith's July Hat Attack! too.  Let's not forget Catherine's I'll Wear What I Like.  Do stop on by.