Project Minima:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday is the New Monday

Here's my Style Imitating Art inspiration for today:
Prinzessin Victoria Louise Poppy by Colleen Parker

Come on now, let's jump in and take a closer look at these stunning flowers...
yeah, poppies, doesn't it gives you that's 60s -70s vibe?

Well, I'm heading off to join Style Imitates Art, Monday Mingle, and Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, if I'm not too late.

Oh, oh and I supposed to say what I'm wearing.  Let's see...the pink reversible vest, fringed tank top, necklace with locket and pink linen pants have all been refashioned by me.  Pink snakeskin boots are thrifted, pink long necklace is from Mom, and green sheer flowered top is old beach wear.  That's it, folks.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pink Snakeskin Boots

Yeah.  My ensemble du jour evolved around them, so watch for it.  Everything else has been seen/worn previously.  Ready?

made-from-scratch knit top, gifted thrifted vest, and very old bracelet

gifted hand-made necklaces

made-from-scratch drapey skirt

refashioned sheer pantaloons, old tights cut into sox, thrifted pink faux snakeskin boots

The rabbit just hangs out there as a door stop.

See more pix in situ after the break...