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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Hey! Someone Made Me A Quilt!

 Out of my fabric scraps, no less.

~ Can you believe it?! ~

~ Well, neither can I ~

It was completely unexpected and a wonderful, thrilling surprise.

~ ta-dah! ~

This is what I happened to have on when she gave it to me.  One of four of those "Hot House Dresses" I've been making lately (but haven't been photo-ing), last seen here.

And here's a close up THE QUILT:

~ sigh ~

I've already slept with it.  I even shared it with my True Love.

Jackie, the quilt-maker, told me she made it with both of us in mind.  The various grays for him and the the peachy-rusty-beigey-blushy colors for me.  How did she know?!

From whence it came...

~ my cotton stash ~

Here's the tower of quilting cottons that Jackie perused for scraps and remnants.   Other shelves hold other types of fabric, but you get the idea.  She actually ended up with two Whole Foods grocery bags full.  Still I had no idea.  Do you think she was thinking of doing this all along???

 Wrapping up now with a shoe shot.
~ old docs from ebay ~

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jumping Back to the First One

~ Wearing Jumpsuit #1 ~

What do you think?  Certainly a far cry from the previous one I've shown, hereBut I luv it just the same.  Well, in a different way.

~ Sure is comfy ~

It's like pre-painted painter's overalls.  Jackson Pollack overalls?

Made from challis using McCall's 7936, a Learn to Sew pattern.  Only the size I had was too big, so I made a button up flap to take up some slack up the middle front.  (I didn't make that up.)  

~ buttons from stash, as is the fabric ~

Oh, and I lengthened the sleeves as usual.

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Oh, Just Some Silly Summer Thing - Testing...

This is Just a Test, Really

Bloglovin never published my last post of Monday, July 29 so as a PSA for my ever lovin' readers, I'm throwing out a flash image from the original post. 

You can see the whole shebang on my blog here.