Project Minima:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Blue

Introducing the latest tablecloth dress (of my own invention)!
It's very symmetrical.
Yes, yes it is. 
But check out the graphics.  How could I do anything but?  It's a very sturdy linen with 2 shades of blue going at full strength.   With a number of holes too.  But, hey, no problemo.  Appliques to the rescue.

a blurry back view in a different colorway
For a surprise view, keep going...

Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm Not In Order Here...

showing my vintage white linen tablecloth dress,

with the split bell sleeves and scallop hem.

but does anybody really care?  If I jump out of line, that is, and post out of order.  No, I didn't think so.

le side view
This was a very large tablecloth given to me by my friend V, who once started, can't stop with the tc donations.  Fine with me, yessireee. 

front view showing inlay
This is the first tablecloth dress I've made that deviated from my series of using Marcy Tilton's French housedress pattern (1-6, with #6 not posted yet).  Being a very large cloth with this beautiful scroll inlay pattern in the center and scallop edging all around, I wanted to use it all.  So I made an ankle length, very simple a-line shift with bust darts and a scoop neckline.  It took several auditions of different styles before I got to these sleeves.  I'm still not totally sure about them, but that's what stayed.

nice and drapey
I added side seam pockets out of thinner white cotton and used 1/4 inch white seam binding (both from my stash) for the neckline.  The filmiest bit of I-don't-know-what ribbon/ gauze that's not quite white was used for ties on the sleeve openings.  That's about it.  I do like the way the scroll inlay goes down the sides and across on both the front and back.  You can see it better on my Clothes for Summer page along with more details.

and don't forget les shoes!
a look down at my blue sandals from ebay
+ close up side view - they zip up the back!

Now, to catch up with all the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style.  Can't wait.  Come on over!  Oh, and Sheila's Shoe Shine too!  Hey, I'm dressed just right for Sacramento's Share-in-Style: White so let's join the party!  Check it out: all women wearing all white.  woo-hoo!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Behind the Times with Tablecloth Dress #5

Yes, I've several dresses made that haven't been posted, let along photo-ed yet.   So let's get caught up so I can get back to the future, shall we? 

Tablecloth Dress #5
It's rather sweet, innit?  It couldn't be helped, coming right after the elephant dress and being that it was a lightweight, scalloped, pink floral embroidered kind of tablecloth from a church rummage sale.

le side view
I just went with it.  In fact, it was so expansive, I used the entire cloth for the dress and didn't have to mix and match like I usually do.  That was a first.

and a back shot on the balcony off the sewing studio

Here's a couple in process pix for your viewing pleasure:



To see the dress in detail, go to my Clothes for Summer page.   And stay tuned for more as soon as I pause from sewing and start photo-ing. 

No close ups of the pig shoes as I call them.  They're my everyday wear and from the front, they look just like little pigs.  awww.