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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another House Dress, Shoes and a Rain Coat!

Wait a minute...




I'd say it's a Polish house dress, with that bold red and white design.  This one is made from 2 old tablecloths, plus a bit of old handmade kitchen curtain for the pocket facing when I ran out of the former.

Biiiggg pockets wide open

See that checked pattern inside the pocket?  That's the bit of curtain fabric.

and shut closed
Enough playing with my clothes.  Here's a peek of the back view.

I can do it.

This tablecloth dress had major refinements going on.  I had to piece it like crazy since I only had 2 to work with and there were plenty of stains and tiny holes too.  Instead of embroidering and/or mending, I did applique by cutting out the flower elements from the bits of scraps and machine zigzagging them on the offending areas.  Sometimes the dress is more appliqued than not!  I have pictures of just the dress and close ups of the appliques on my Clothes for Spring page.

Oh, oh, let's not forget the latest ebay shoes...

by Antelope, never heard of them before

 cool in a weird way, huh?

And now here's that rain coat I made last month and never got around to photographing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A French House Dress You Say?

"Mais oui, bien sûr."
 an impressionist painting...?
Made from old linen tablecloths given to me by a friend.  This dress has three of them.  The pink top with border is one, the front floral panel is another, and the skirt portion with flowers and aqua border is the third.  And a very simply pattern to sew from Marcy Tilton.

Check out those biiiigggg pockets!
Can't you just see me going to Market to pick up a baguette, les fleurs, a cafe s'il vous plait, etc.?

c'est fini

I liked this so much (to make and to wear), 
I'm going to make another straight away.  

The tablecloths were well loved.  Many had tiny holes and spots.   I had to use nearly the whole cloth for the dress (no selectively placing pattern pieces).  So I mended or embroidered the areas that needed attention.

Sometimes overtly...

and sometimes more covertly.

Want to see more close-ups of the dress itself or the pattern it came from, go my Clothes for Spring page.

Meanwhile, I'll be with the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style.  And Mis Papelicios' Share-in-Style: Pink and Bella's Secondhand First Share and Jane of Flight-Platform Living's Shiny T Tuesday.  You really must check out all the fabo parties.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Knocked Out by a Spring Cold

~ painting by Natsuo Ikegami ~

Two weeks and counting.  I surrendered during the first week.  No sewing!  Or reading... Mostly sleeping interrupted by deep coughing and nose blowing.  Not much eating either.  I must admit it's getting better, getting so much better after the second week (can't get much worse).  Still intermittent deep coughing, but I'm free to move about the cabin now and do a spot of sewing between mandatory naps.  yea! 

I made a raincoat B.C. (before cold) but haven't taken any pictures yet.  And I think I still want to fool around with the pockets a bit more...

And I've just finished my French house dress A.C. (after cold) made from old tablecloths someone gave me.  I just love it.  No pictures of that yet either.   I can only do so much on my reserve packs of energy.

I'll do that soon, promise.