Project Minima:

Saturday, May 23, 2020

MMM'20: For Art's Sake!

~ You may be wondering what's up with this ~

But hold on, it's a good story...

~ about Damien Hirst's famous dotted painting in a Bristol Museum ~

That was painted over by street artist, Banksy

You can read about it and my response here

~ here's my rendition ~

~ painted on pieces of canvas, sewn together to make a top ~

~ as worn by me in 2012 ~

~ and now in 2020 ~

~ titled with homage to Magritte, if you get my drift ~

Happy trails...

Friday, May 22, 2020

MMM'20: Slip Slidin' Away

~  a not getting up day ~

~ and a not getting dressed day ~

~ plus a definite cat napping day ~

~ it must be Caturday! ~

With a song to listen to...

...that says more than I can.

p.s.  I did make the nightgown using The Sewing Workshop Collection Cityscapes Dress pattern with a lovely knit print.   Last seen here.

Until we meet again...

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

MMM'20: Tina Givens Velvets

on a Winter's Day

~ or at least it feels like it ~

~ I actually bought the velvet from Tina way back when ~

I was making her Bethany dress pattern at the time, last seen on me here in 2015.  As you can see, I later changed things up by removing the bodice from the skirt.  I just never wore it as it was.  And do as it is now.   (I have yet to decide what to do with the skirt part...)

Since I still had leftover velvet, I also made TG's Phoebe pants shown above, using other scraps of velvet for the cuff and side inserts.  I've made at least half a dozen of these pants.

The stretch mesh shirt I wear a lot too.  It's made from Vogue 8450 with slight modifications.

 And it all goes deliciously with my Doc Marten's from ebay

~ yesssss ~

~ and the Masked Mug Shot of Yours Truly ~

'til later,

Monday, May 18, 2020

MMM'20: Housedresses for the Win!

~ Housedress with Baseball Cap and Mask ~

~ I'm on the PAO team ~

~ it was too big then ~

I made this dress out of challis from old, old stash so look ago, hmmm.  Let's see if I can remember...ah yes, thank goodness for the blog.  Last worn here in 2015 and it seems I made it up as I went along.

~ and it's too big now ~

Fits comfy, like a housedress should.

~ worn with plaid Mary Jane Doc Martens from ebay ~

~ and today's hair-in-my-eyes Masked Mug Shot ~

Until tomorrow,

Sunday, May 17, 2020

MMM'20: It's Cold, Windy & Wet

with scattered cat napping.

~ zzzz, purrr, zzzzz, purrrrr ~

~ Sweet Albertine ~

'til tomorrow

Saturday, May 16, 2020

MMM'20: Whatever...

Do I have On?

~ Yes, that is the question. ~

It's a hodgepodge of all sorts of things I just kept piling on.   An old chiffon dress that I attempted to retro-fit and never finished.  A chiffon shirt I retro-fitted that's now too big (so is the dress, by the way).    A refashioned pair of gauze shorts extended into chiffon bloomers.  Complete with a recycled necklace made by a friend.

~ I was shocked at how big everything had become.  ~

~ hmmm ~

~ I also found out there's still pins in this thing. ~

Tell me, do you think it's actually wearable?  Does it need to go back into time out for another several years?  Maybe some re-layering would help a bit? 

~ rain boots from the neighborhood thrift store ~

Attempting to show off my camouflaged necklace here:

~ with the masked mug shot of the day ~

And that's a wrap.

Friday, May 15, 2020

MMM'20: A Handmaid's Tale

When I was undressing last night 
and saw this red dress without the overdress, 
I realized I had everything I needed:  cap, mask, boots 
and even St. Corona gloves.  
Well, those were a bonus.  

~ for my version of a Handmaid ~

~ Don't you think so? ~

~ here's a back view of it all ~

The dress is from Katherine Tilton's OOP Vogue 6334 made in a mesh stretch knit.  

I copied the hat from one I bought from Secret Lentil, but apparently she's closed right now.  You can see the one I purchased from her, here.  I know she has more of the same style in a variety of interesting colors.

You can see the one I made out of a thick canvas last worn in MMM'19, here.

~ Handmaid in her docile, subservient role ~

~ and here she is not taking it any more ~

~ with Doc Marten combat boots ready for anything ~

~ an extra large masked and capped mug shot ~
So you're able to see the details of my decorated St Corona gloves. 

I was seriously compelled to make these after reading Catherine McEver's Corona posts.  I liberally combined several of her ideas, techniques and fascinating information from Stuff You Can't Have.  

A truly must read blog for our time, or any time.

Hope to see you soon,

Thursday, May 14, 2020

MMM'20: Chocolate Maraschino

~ as my costume for the day ~

I'm wearing a double dip of two dresses: 

a chocolate embellished corduroy made from Tina Givens Clara Kaftan pattern over
a cherry red mesh knit made from Katherine Tilton's OOP Butterick 5986 dress pattern. 

I eliminated the back center doodad as well as the front slit on the kaftan, added pockets in the flanges, and chiffon rolled up cuffs to the sleeves.  

You can see previous wears here and here.

The red dress has only been worn a few times.  
See other reiterations here and here.

~ with some fav shoes from ebay ~

~ and Ye Olde Masked Mug Shot ~


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

MMM'20: Not Ready To Wear

~ No joke ~

This dress has been sitting in time-out since last year.
You can go there for lots of pix and all the details.

~ and it's still unfinished ~

The sleeves are just pinned in.  
The lining needs to be attached to the back zip, etc.  
The sleeves and hem need to be, well, hemmed.  
And pockets added.
Then I'll see what needs to happen next.

~ Meanwhile...  ~

I thought I'd trot it out for MMM'20 
and see if I get a spark of inspiration, or not.  
Maybe someone will offer some insight or a fresh take on it?

I know it's hard to believe, 
but this dress is from Vogue DKNY 1461.
Okay, I did make it about 5 feet longer, 
but other than that, it's pretty much the same.
Oh, I didn't put in the hair canvas hem trim either,
because I didn't want that ballerina skirt look.

~ a close-up ~

I don't particularly care for my handmade necklace here.  
I think it works better on this dress.
And I don't think the brown ribbon sash adds much either.  
I have an obi belt that gives it a medieval vibe that might be better...

~ worn with metallic Trippens from ebay ~

~ and another mask mug shot ~

See you tomorrow,

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

MMM'20: Purple with Some Other Color

~ hmmm, I say ~

What do you think?

~ It does seem a wee bit odd ~

But anyway, I've got it on, so that's that.

The jacket is made from faux suede with an attached silk scarf.  It closes with hook and eyes.  I made it decades ago and don't recall what pattern it was from.  It only fits me again now.

~  very plain, but still interesting, I think ~

The dress is from Tina Givens Nani Lee pattern which I've worn before, here.  Made out of an orange and olive green cotton/tencel two-toned twill.  I think the neckline is just lovely.  I did made the sleeves longer, added pockets, and eliminated the zipper because I could easily slip it on and off over my head.

Oh, and I added a scrap piece of velvet for a belt, part of it is a dusty maroon and the other is a vivid cherry red.  The maroon side is showing now.

Great luck stumbling across lavender fishnets in the sock drawer(s).

~ worn with my PSKaufman Oxfords from ebay (brand new for $21.50)! ~

And Last, but not Least...

~ a doctored Mask Mug Shot of Yours Truly ~

See ya later...