Project Minima:

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Some Clothes Without Me

Yes, here's 3 dresses I've recently made that have yet to be pictured avec moi.

So here they are pictured without me: 

~ Tina Givens' Sam Dress ~

~ made in rayon challis ~

~ with contrasting striped neckline tie ~

I don't really see me wearing this as is.  It's a little too a-line skimpy for me.  I mean without layers somewhere, over, under.  Or as a nightgown.  We'll see.

~ same pattern, lots of modifications ~

~ in black and beige striped georgette ~

~ added shoulder/ sleeve cap ruffle ~

~ added hem piece with selvedge edges & side ties ~

I like this one much more, but I also made it a size larger along with all the mods to go under a specific dress.

This dress:
~ a wrap dress made from Simple Modern Sewing ~

~ using linen designed by Tina Givens ~

~ can also be worn open and center tied ~

~ luv the print and colorway ~

But the fabric itself is rather coarse, which is why I wanted to make something soft to wear underneath so none of it would touch my skin.  The Sam pattern fit the bill.  I think the striped one looks great with the Rorschach print.

There's more, but that's enough for one post, don't ya think?

Can I join the party of Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style without being in my new clothes?  Let's see what happens.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

It's About Time

... I came From Out of the Blue

~ it was a cold and dreary day ~

~ but I stood out up to it ~

~ in all Blue, Bay-bee ~

Yeah, well here's some more.

~ now in Black and Blue for a cold, whilst sunny, day ~

~ to do some stealth book borrowing ~

~ I say, isn't that the Tardis? ~

~ unwrapped for brunch ~

~ showing Black and Blue shoes and sox ~

And then some:

~ on yet another day, inside ~

~ with more blue and black shoes and sox ~

 Oh, oh, but look what just came in the mail...

~ Hieronymus Bosch, Garden of Earthly Delights, Doc Marten Boots from ebay!! ~

oh. my.

The details:  
  • The blue monstrosity is made from a Vogue Issey Miyake pattern 2128 that I enlarged way too much.  Plus it's made out of double knit, which is what it suggested, but no.  yuck.  
  • The  BBD (big black dress) is from a free pattern off the internet which also recommended a knit.  I had some black from a mystery bundle and used it.  I added the blue parts (scraps from the Miyake) and also made it a few inches longer. 
  • In the first ensemble I'm wearing my fingerless gloves made a la Alabama Chanin.
  • All boots/ shoes are from ebay.
  • All sox are from sockdreams.

More to come another day.  I've been sewing up a storm, I tell you.