Project Minima:

Saturday, August 30, 2014

(A) Way To Go

~ Photograph from the Levitation Series by Natsumi Hayashi  ~

I've gotta keep moving.  Tomorrow's the end of Summer quarter here, the report will be due with all the completed projects posted.  (hands to head!)  Nothing like a deadline.

Here's the latest thing finished.

 layering over a dark sheath
is my new high-low dress
in a semi-sheer abstract print
You can see the dress up close and personal, plus the pattern used on my Clothes for Summer page.  And now for something really interesting...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Coming and Going

~ Bedroom Suite with Boots, oil painting, 64x47", 1979, Otto ~

ahh yes, a different locale. 

 Wrap-around apron dress.
On the front porch with my true love as the man behind the camera.  No grainy mirror shots for you today.  But some things remain the same, as in ... tablecloths!

Worn with a refashioned top from a self-made mini dress done from the early days of Project Minima.  Do notice the previously shown Antelope sandals, now with matching ankle socks.

Exiting through the front door.
With a peek of the tangerine gauze slip/skirt, refashioned from an old maxi dress, showing underneath.

I'll be posting details of the apron dress and it's pattern on my Clothes for Summer page soon now.  But now I'm  heading over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style for the Visibles' get-together.  Not to be missed! 

Oh and what's with that painting at the top, you ask?  Well.  An old friend just called yesterday to say she's moving to a small place in St. Joseph South Haven (I stand corrected), Michigan and she had several of my old, large paintings.  Time to reclaim them and that's one of 'em.  I'm so glad she's kept them for me.  You see, I don't have any of my work prior to moving to Chicago (1980).  Unless they sold, they didn't survive.  I finished grad school in '77 so that's a lot of work.   My mom got rid of it all after I left Detroit.  yeah.  I do still have many of the items I depicted in that painting...

Hey, I'm retroactively joining Rhonda's Me Made Monday's.  Do check it out, especially all you SewSisters out there.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Yes, Yes, It's Another Tablecloth Dress

Oh dear, oh dear, I'm so behind in picture-taking.  And I found these pix already downloaded and edited, but not yet posted!  How did that happen?

Now posting tout de suite!


How could I resist?  A gray and white with pink and red print trio of tablecloths.  I mean, we've got stripey things, checkerboards, flowers and big abstract shapes with flourishes going on here.

See what I mean? 

To see more, keep on going...

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little Tuck and Drape all we old things need.  Yes, indeedy.  I had a sudden urge for more rehab.  Sew here it is.

bathed in a golden glow, just like the golden girls, eh?

Here's looking at you, babe.
I remind myself of old theatre curtains...whoo.

I'm working it.
Just look at that drape action!
For detail shots and 'befores' keep on going.