Project Minima:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

1st Annual World-Wide 40+ Bloggess Meet-Up

 And I was there with all the schtarrs!

~ and constantly hounded by the paparazzi (photo by Mel) ~

Hence forth, I hid out behind the camera to catch the likes of:

~ the Marvelous Melanie of Bag and A Beret ~
~ extra Sassy Sheila of Ephemera ~
~ Lovely Louisa of Damselfly's Delights ~
~ Amazing Anne of Spy Girl next to the Madcap Mother of Terrific Tami of Thrift Shop Commando ~
~ the Pretty Perky Patti of Not Dead Yet Style and moi undercover  (photo by Mel) ~
~ not to mention my Terrific True Love wearing his Stand Tall Kaftan made by moi  (photo by Mel) ~
~ me, Melanie and Anne dancing in the street (photo by unknown bloggess) ~

ooo, ooo and then there were the separated-at-birth twin artifacts made by Melanie and given to Anne and me.  Sublime, ain't it?  (photo by Patti).

As you can see I only took 4 pictures (eek) so thank goodness for everyone else.  And thank you a zillion times over Suzanne, Sue and Melanie for the Grandest Bloggess Meet Up on the Planet!  Mwwwaaa!  For a real overview of the entire event visit Sheila of Ephemera ... or for a one of a kind view, see each participants take on their own blog:

Suzanne (Toronto) -- Suzanne Carillo
Sue (Vancouver) – A Colourful Canvas
Melanie (Vancouver) Bag And A Beret 
Patti (Florida) –  Not Dead Yet Style 
Sylvia (Singapore) 40+Style
Greetje (Netherlands) – No Fear of Fashion
Trina (Utah) – Tea Time With Trina
Tami (California)Thrift Shop Commando
Sheila (Victoria)Ephemera
pao (Chicago) – Project Minima 
Ally (New York) Shybiker
Louisa (Vancouver) Damselfly’s Delights
Anne (LA)Spy Girl  
Shawna (Victoria) The Director Of Awesome
Tiina (London)Elegance Revisited
Jodi (Vancouver) – Day 2 Day Wear
Wendra – The Looking Glass
Tracey (Vancouver)Fashion Forward 40
Chloe (Vancouver) – Fat Rabbit’s Delight

Hey, I have something on my head up there.  Here's my chance to finally join Judith's Hat Attack.  Check out all the lovlies, my dear.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Most Awesome Unflattering Dress, Yes!

I worked long and hard on this one, ladies.  From an Issey Miyake pattern, so you know what I mean.

~ oh, where do I start...~

Well, the shoes and socks certainly add a little je ne sais quois, now don't they?

~ real close up ~

It's summery looking.  And middle-aged preggo-looking.  But I do love the fabrics I put together.  That's yellow polka dot voile (so soft and thin), turquoise printed cotton, and turquoise tulle overlaid,   I had the last two pieces in my stash.

~ a bit more unflattery ~

~ and awesomeness of design ~

Korean peasant dress meets futuristic apocalyptic fashion, maybe...
Back pieces also from my stash, including the embroidered tablecloth.  The piece beneath that is actually pale gray chevrons, but you can't really make it out.

Oh, don't forget the secret socks...

~ they say 'STAY AWAY FROM A88HOLES' on the vamp ~

Just between you and me, eh?