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Monday, September 30, 2019

It's Fake Fall Fashion

Yep, just when I switched to Fall wear, I found myself out and about in temps of 85 degrees today.

~ I'm just too hot ~

~ Can you believe I've never worn these things together before? ~

They're both things I made a few years ago or more.  The top is a jersey knit, last seen hereI think this is the best the top has look with anything else. 

The pants are a fav of mine made from silk dupioni, last seen here.  The pants, however, look great with everything I've ever tried on with them.  Who knew?

~ even with our tomato plants ~

~ and shoes from ebay ~

~ pao at rest ~

Sometimes I just can't get enough of symmetry.
When I went in the house, there was this:

~ my sweet little Albertine ~

That's her bed at the foot of ours, complete with cat toys (and stacks of old New Yorkers?).


I'm off to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style, and then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when she goes live.  See you there!

Monday, September 23, 2019

The Last of the Hot House Dresses

After all, the Fall Equinox has arrived.

~ and I had to add leggings, boots and a jacket ~

~ plus it was windy ~

The brocade jacket was something I unearthed from the archives, made about 30 years ago or so.  Who knows from what pattern.

~ Here worn with one of the obi's I've concocted ~

I liked it with the obi before I saw these pictures.  Now I think it works better without.  Whatever.

~ ah, free at last ~

~ What do you think? ~

The dress is made from what was called China Silk and was a real pain to sew.  (I do luv the print though.)  It kept puckering, which is why it is inundated with lace trim.  But I guess it came out alright in the end.

~ ending with the ole shoe shot from ebay ~

I'm rushing on over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style and then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when she goes live. Hope to see you all there. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

It's a Wrap Dress...

 ...I made nearly five years ago out of linen that's become so very soft now.   I just luv it.

~ and here I'm showing off my new ebay shoes ~

~ aren't they divine? ~

~ It makes me feel like a Victorian sweetie or some such thing ~

~ with my Mom's green-eyed fly pin ~

~ But hey, ~

The pattern I used was from the Japanese Sewing Book, Simple Modern Sewing, modified like crazy.

You can see the first time I wore it here and the next time here.  Each time with different accoutrements.  This is the plainest and probably the most effective, I think.  It's the shoes.  yeah.

~ brand new PSKaufman oxfords from ebay for $21.50 ~

I'll be over at Patti's and the Visibles for Not Dead Yet Style and then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like when they go live.  Come on by.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Far Far Away

~ From the Deepest Archives ~

I'm wearing clothes I made at least 30 years ago.  At least.  
And now I can fit into them.

The top is a smidgen too small, the pants are bit too big.  
But all in all, they fit well enough.

I have no idea what patterns were used.  
The top is challis, the pants are stretch denim.

~ my haircut is the same ~
 but I sure have aged.

~ as have my navy Docs from ebay ~

Speaking of which, I'm Not Dead Yet Style is happening now at Patti's, so hop on over while you still can!  Then it'll be Catherine's I Will Where What I Like when the time is right.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Another Hot House Dress...

 with another obi

~ yes, you have spoken ~

when I showed my first Hot House Dress posted here.

~ and I listened ~

So I rounded up all the obi-type patterns I had in my stash (who knew?!) V9255, V1244, V1301, S5839, M7270, B6698 and B6267.  Not to mention all the online free ones.

Then I found V1704 on ebay that showed exactly what I had "made" from a scrap piece of chiffon for that first Hot House dress.  I had to get it.  So I did.

~ and voila ~

Another obi-like thingy made in chiffon from my stash.  Only this time I cut in out from a pattern.  Only I didn't bother to hem all the edges.  puleeze.

~ it's a bit larger than the previous one ~

~ but I luv the way it works with the dress ~

I should've taken a photo without it so you could see the difference.   Oh well.

Anyway, this dress is made from challis and hangs/ feels differently from the others.  Heavier, drapey-er.  I put more lace on it too.  I have tons of lace in every color.  Don't ask.  I've been trying to use lace that doesn't particularly match with the dress, so this has pale blue with lavender.  My first had hot pink with yellow.

~ But I did take photos of this get-up ~
The Hot House Dress Going to Market

~ blurred, so posterized to make it arty ~

~ and mary jane docs from ebay, awww ~

Now it's time for Patti at Not Dead Yet Style, then Catherine at I Will Wear What I Like when she goes live.  Come on by.