Project Minima:

Friday, November 29, 2013

The State of Project Minima: Year 3, 2nd Qtr.

Time flies.  And so do I, in circles, orbiting around my Mom's downward spiral, now in hospice.  sigh.

painting by Irene Ferguson

Everything is okay, as well as can be, all things considered.  yeah.  

I've been sewing this quarter anyway, although not picture-taking.  yet.  
And I've just heard I'm next in line for the Traveling Yellow Skirt!  
How cool is that?!  
Just what the doctor ordered to get me out of the blues 
and into sunshine yellow blogospheric fashion is serious sistah blissness.   

Can I get it together to do stats...?  I don't have anything posted that I made this quarter so it's not so easy to do...hmmm.   

Ed. note:  I've just posted all the items made in Fall Quarter on the Clothes for Fall page.