Project Minima:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bounce Back-Ability

Yes, I have it on actually.

It's called Bounce Back.

My newly created Dress-Ability.

And I'm showing this baby off at Patti's Visible Monday, even though it's late Tuesday night.  But I just finished it in the nick of time for all my deadlines.  whoo-hoo.

I wanted to embroider a title for each dress I make in this way to embody it's meaning to me at the time.  When Jan of Fort Smith Stylista made a comment about my bouncing back, I knew that was it. (Thanks Jan!)  So...the wearer will be fortified with the ability inscribed on the dress.  Dress-Ability.  Yeah, I could use that.

More details after the break...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That was Then, This is Now

painting by Marieloes Reek

I've just started sewing again!!!!!!!! Smile, smile, smile.  

Mom has settled into a new place in Chicago.  I've settled down again.  And I serendipitously was invited to show a new piece at my old gallery for their 40th anniversary.  A that was then and this is now type of thing.  Yea, baby.  That is so right on. 

I have two weeks to make it so.  More anon.  wheeeee.....

And can't wait to catch up with the good ole bloggerhood, missed you like crazy.  Thanks for the good vibes!