Monday, June 27, 2016

The Luella, Oprah & Tessa Ensemble, Live

This Just In from Pao-land: 

 I am fit to sew again

and that makes me sew happy!

~ fresh off the sewing machine just this week ~

Well... actually, the top was made last summer.  But... I made the slip/ dress and pants this week.

~ doesn't my yard sale bag go with everything? ~

When I made the Luella top out of green plaid linen, I still had enough left over to squeeze out the Oprah pants.

~ caught in the act of pushing up my reading glasses ~

But it was the addition of the stretch mesh Tessa slip/ dress that made my heart sing.  

~ wild thing ~

Yea, she makes everything groovy. 

All clothes are modified from Tina Givens Patterns:  Luella Tunic, Oprah Pants and Tessa Slip/ Dress.

~ hairclip from Suzanne Carillo received at the Vancouver Blogger Meet-up ~

What I'm attempting to show off here is my graying hair.  I've (finally!) got a bit of a streak going at my temples that usually gets covered up by my overlying hair.  But with the aid of Suzanne's loverly hairclip, voila.

And finally,

~ les Blowfish shoes from ebay ~

I'm showing up at the ever-visible Patti and the Visibles @ Not Dead Yet Style.  Annes, 52 Pick-up Completion grande finale can't be missed.  Also Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like and Cherie's Shoe and Tell when they go live.  Hope to see you all everywhere!


  1. Love that you're wearing that hair clip : )

    That added floral slip is divine.


    1. And I luv that you made it, Suzanne.
      Yes, she is groovy. I still have fabric left over...I wonder what it will turn into?

  2. The slip dress is perfection - as are those shoes, my friend. I love your style. xox


    1. I'm making more stuff to go with it as we speak cuz it's so pretty.

  3. Love it all! You must have taken great liberties with the Tessa pattern. That contrast print makes the outfit.

    1. Minor liberties actually. I just switched the skirt panels around to go from small to large. That way the skirt was longer in the middle rather than shorter. And since the fabric was a stretch mesh knit, I didn't bother hemming or seam binding it.

  4. I officially have a crush on your style! It is so easy and comfortable and so unique and fun and so absolutely fabulous! These shoes are adorable. And yes, the slip dress and the rest of this outfit have my heart singing, too, and my eyes are so very pleased. I always find myself with a big smile on my face when I read your posts!


  5. I'm loving that you're fit to sew again 'cos you're making me happy - no time to do anything for the next few weeks so I can live vicariously through you and your magical machine. x

  6. You're back on the machine again. Hurray!!! I'm happy for you, Pao. Love this outfit. And I recognized that hair clip immediately of course. YOU are the wild thang!!

  7. Fabulous outfit love everything about it Pao...Such a gorgeous contrast with the plaid and floral!

  8. What would I do without sewing? Presenting modeling my fancy shoulder ice pack. I have a couple yards of accidental floral mesh. Idea Theft commencing later in July. Thanks m'dear.

  9. That slip dress really is worth singing about. Such a lovely outfit. And Tra la!!!! You're feeling better and back at the machine. Gray hair is where it's at.

  10. OH, you do look happy! And I'm happy to read that you are back behind the machine!

    Your confection of lavender and pistachio has me craving gelato! Very pretty...ethereal.

    PS It's probably a good thing you use your index finger to push up your glasses, :)

  11. YAY - welcome back to the sewing table! I like the soft, dreamy colours and the addition of the floral slip.

  12. So glad you're back at your machine.
    I love love love this outfit - it's close to perfection - right down to the shoes & bag x

  13. wahoo!! you´r back at the game! :-)
    and made some pretty stuff! the flower-power slipdress makes the look! cool combination!
    and you go gray finally :-)))

  14. Aaahhh!! JOY!!! Happy for you!!!!! Yummy linen and floral layering. Summer layering is typically uninspired but you make it look easy! I have two whole days to sew uninterrupted (almost, anyway). Definitely going to enjoy. Glad I stopped by here first though, for my Pao-inspiration-fix. xoxoxo

  15. Whoo-hoo!! Sewing again! Do be careful now and don't overdo it. Love your new makes! That green is such a mintyfresh colour.

  16. I love your “cool, comfy, casual layers.” Very laid back look that I intend to copy. This is going to be my new look. Beautiful colors. Nicely done.


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