Project Minima:

Monday, June 6, 2016

Lovely Day in the Neighborhood Dress

~ Just hanging out with my new Buddy ~

That's the name of the pink beauty parked at the curb.  No, it's not really mine.  I'm just pretending.

Think anybody will mind if I move in a little closer?...

~ ahhh, sweet ~

Oh yea, it's about the clothes.  I made this awhile ago and never got it photo-ed, etc.  The dress is from a Mizono pattern, Vogue 1410.  The dress is cool, because it buttons up inside at the side seams so it can be worn ankle length, knee length or as a tunic.  The bolero is a very modified version from Simplicity 4192.  I just picked up that lovely light mauve coach purse at my neighborhood yard sale for $4.

~ and I'm off...  ~

But first, a parting shot of my new-to-me Trippen sandals from ebay. 

~ woo-hoo! ~ Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style,  Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like, and Cherie's Shoe and Tell.  Plus, I think I have some neutral and black going on in there for Anne's 52: Pick me up.  Yea.  That about covers it.  See you there!


  1. Very, very cool, and you do need to borrow that bike. Love the shoes as per always, xox


  2. Those sandals are soooooo good!!!!!

  3. mauve and pale pink and gray - looove! :-)
    that fabric pattern looks very interesting - are this landscapes???
    well done with purse and shoes!!!!
    hugs! xxxxx

    1. Yes to those colors. The pattern is an abstract landscape, kind of Halloween-like. I don't even carry purses, but it was so pretty.

  4. Great outfit - and the scooter accessorises it perfectly.

  5. Dammmit woman, I tried on that style of Trippens at a store last year, but there was no way I was paying $400 for a pair of sandals. I love dresses or skirts that let you adjust the length, and this one has such a cool pattern. You definitely need a Vespa ;)

    1. Well, you can be sure I didn't pay anywhere near that for mine.

      I just finished making the same dress for a friend (mother of the groom) only in silk chiffon, lined with silk chiffon. omg it was impossible to sew. I ended up hand sewing much of it. But it looks beautiful.