Project Minima:

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Buddha with mudra of greeting, prayer & respect
Just the facts please.

I want to do this, I want to have a plan of sorts and a commitment, therefore a blog is born during my birthday month of June.

Say 15 minutes a day of working toward it, or once a week.  We'll see how it goes.  I don't want to get overwhelmed, nor jump the gun and do something too radical that I'll later regret.

Goal is recognizing my style(?): or

everything works, everything looks good, it all fits and I like it.  And, of course, letting go of everything else...for real.

Starting with clothes: 
  1. Gather all of one type of clothing together, sub-dividing as necessary (i.e., pants, jeans). 
  2. Try on & sort into piles/boxes/bags of:  fit, like, looks good, to be altered, or NOT any of them.
  3. Give away the Not Wanted pile
  4. Put away the Fit, Like & Looks Good stuff (must satisfy all 3 categories to stay! be vigilant.)
  5. Play with To Be Altered things as desired, on and off. 
  6. Repeat with next type of clothing...
(and somewhere in there) Sew what you really need/want that fits the 3 "must" categories.  Be careful here.  May want to wait until you come up with more info - like a style, theme, color range, fabric keep it all simple...

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