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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Not Your Everyday Ladies Boots

Five WACs cleaning boots from
I've been running accessories for immediate gratification whilst working on a major re-construction project (or two) that involves more brain power than I can steadily pump out.  Some might call it procrastination, but I prefer a more upbeat attitude.

So here's some lady boots!  Yes, smacking good-lookin'.  I rediscovered them in the recesses of my mind closet and took them for a walk the other day only to find that they started to split at the seams.  Age will do that I'm told.

First I tried an exact match of nail polish I happened to have on hand, Wild Berries, but it really didn't do the trick.  Too tacky.  And then I remembered roses...and fabric glue.  But not those roses, these are tiny roses made from satin ribbon.  One on the back heel and three going up the front seam -- and so lady-like with those pointy toes and kitten heels.

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