Project Minima:

Friday, September 21, 2012


Style Agent 909 suggested we all link up and do an on-line swap this Saturday, September 22.  So here I am with what I have to offer:

 Black suede heels, says size 8, feels like size 7
These shoes are in excellent condition inside and out, top and bottom.  They're too small for me now and too high.

off-white cotton gauze blouse
The elasticized neckline can be worn off the shoulders, is semi-sheer, measures 19" from underarm to underarm across bust (so double that).  And I don't recall ever wearing it.

  black silk top with white shell buttons
A light weight, washable silk with linen mix, short top, measures 21" from underarm to underarm across bust.  Too small for me.

  black and white cotton w/spandex mini w/shorts
 zips in back, comfy, maybe wore it once?  substantial cotton fabric with some stretch.  shorts of same fabric sewn in at waist.  like new.  waistband measures 30", length 17"

  black satin beaded & embroidered  flats, size 7

too small for me now.  worn but not damaged.  all beads and stitching in tact.

Now for my wish list.  I haven't been buying any apparel, new or used, going into my 2nd year now of Project Minima - nor any fabric, since the idea is to use what I already have.  And I don't really want anything.  Except maybe...tights!  Yes, colorful, or textured, or patterned, tights, thigh highs, or over-the-knee socks!   Even footless tights. mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!  I know how to make them now, but I would need the stretchy knit fabric it requires for all those groovy colors I desire.  So that's it, that's my heart's desire.  In an extra large size for tights I believe since I've gotten bigger.  Just regular for things that don't go all the way up.  Or the 2-way stretch knit fabric (it needs to really stretch both right-to-left and up-&-down)...and I can make them.

Oh and I suppose if anyone was getting rid of some Trippen Happy Boots in a size 7.5 or 8, I wouldn't mind taking them off your hands.

If you're interested in swapping for an item, leave a comment with your email.  Bonus points if you have colorful tights to swap for it (or the fabric to make them)! 


  1. Pao, thanks so much for coming. I like that white blouse. I have some tights (new). They're grey and black hounds tooth pattern in the size you want. I don't have them in the swap but I can send you a pic. Let me know if you're interested in trading.

    1. Hey Sheila, sure send me a pic so I can check them out!

  2. I think Advanced Style saved me as well. Just saw your comment somewhere...yeah, like I remember?! The other blog that saved me was Judith at Style Somehow that was the beginning of community and it's just gotten better with time.

    Have a great weekend and I'll see you on the rebound. XXOO

    1. Yes I agree, after Advanced Style, came the Style Crone and then just as you say. I think I wrote that speech in response to Amber at Butane Anvil or...