Project Minima:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

State of Project Minima: Y4, 1st Qtr.

~ painting by Lori Field ~

hmmm, first quarter of the 4th year is over.  Let's see what's happened here...

Gotta say I'm back in the saddle, working on a total of 22 items:
  •  The tablecloth dress series started in Spring continued this Summer with #s 3-7.  I branched out with my use of vintage tablecloths to other styles of dresses and jackets, some of which I haven't even  posted yet, but they are noted on my Clothes for Summer page.
  •  made a non-tablecloth dress(!), a sheer high-low dress
  •  made 2 pieces from Tina Givens free on-line patterns:  her Plinka Pants and Kika Dress.  
  •  Made 2 pieces from Folkwear Patterns.  1 flop turned Retro Alienwear and 1 cool-looking top thingy.
  •  Re-rehabbed a few things I hadn't been wearing, and now I like them much better.  The baggy jeans and dotted Swiss top.
  •  Restyled and/or rehabbed 2 dresses, a shirt and an accessory to fit, to look better, you know.
  •  Painted/ distressed a pair of ebay shoes.

Other stuff:
  • I want to recommend a graphic novel that came out this summer, "Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?" by Roz Chast.  My True Love gave it to me for my birthday in June and it was spot on.  I only wished I had read it before, or even while my Mom was going through this ending part of her life cycle.  I really didn't know a thing.  And believe it or not, this is humorous.  As well as so true and real.
  • I participated in Melanie's VOGOFF!   What a treat that was.  I couldn't believe I was amongst the in crowd.  woo-hoo.
  • I need to clean up stuff.  ok, I said it.  Like areas of the house that I mess up and leave that way.
  • And thank you to blogland and all you bloggers out there.  (You know who you are, yeah, you're reading this.)  You keep me inspired and gleeful and tuned in and encouraged and are sewtastic!


  1. You are amazing! Well done for your quarterly successes.
    I am in awe :-)

  2. Pao, this is an awesome recap. When you list everything it's absolutely impressive, not that we didn't already know that, but you know what I mean... You're on fire in this first quarter. I suspect you're gathering momentum, if that's possible. Hugs! Your talent blows me away. Thanks for the mention, but you've always been part of the cool crowd. And I love the painting by Lori Field.

  3. You're on fire! 22 items? I bow to your industrial-ness!
    I'll have to keep a look out for that book, it sounds very interesting. What a thoughtful man you have. xxx

  4. When you're moving at the speed of light, messes happen!!! You'll get it cleaned up in time. Just enjoy the fruit of your creativity :)

  5. And here I thought I've been busy, you are on fire! I'm jealous of your motivation and dedication. This winter I'm making that tablecloth coat if it kills me, thanks again for all your tips! I love graphic novels and just finished I kill giants, I'm gonna check yours out!

  6. I just read an excerpt from that book and it has me crying since I just laid my dad to rest and went through all of that. Thanks for sharing that. It's brilliantly spot on!

  7. Your recap us impressive Pao. What a great idea to write out a list. I think I'll try it. It would aid in a sense of accomplishment all around to look it over. But your list looks more like a 2 year list for me. ;)
    Yes, I've been slow in the sewing room.
    That painting by Lori Field is magical and glowing. I think I'll look up more of her work.

  8. You are a treasure in my blogging life, Pao. Inspiring, creative, funny and insightful. And so very real! Must check out your book recommendation.

  9. I enjoy Roz Chast's contributions to the New Yorker, so I will keep an eye out for that book. Congratulations on the creative accomplishments - an impressive list!

  10. The kimono jacket is the cherry on top of the tablecloth couture cake!


  11. Roz Chast really did a great job with a challenging subject, and with a formidable sense of humour as well!
    You have been scarily productive while I wallow in indolence.

  12. Very happy to stumble on your blog today! Seems like you have a been a busy bee, and I too love to look back on what I have achieved so far in the year, it helps to spur me on! XX

  13. I'm in the vortex right now, with hospice coming in to help my dad transition. My mother, who has plain ol' dementia (not Alzheimers) is confused and needing a lot of support as well. I saw the book you mention when I was taking a sanity break on my last visit. It is poignant and well done. Sewing also keeps things in perspective, although I'm finding it hard to focus right now. I'll get back to it and I appreciate seeing your progress!! You're still my light in the wilderness!! XXOO

    1. Oh Jean, this is such an intense time. A vortex is the apt construct for it. I'm sure being there is good for everyone though, somehow. I was lost in space for sure, but as you know, you do get back, a bit at a time, here and there. Sewing and blogland sure helps when you're ready for it. I'm so glad you stopped by and know that I'm there/here for you.

  14. Good evening! I was viewing art on Pinterest and found a painting by Malcolm Liepke called Woman Reading (1991). I could swear it's a painting of you! Have you ever seen it? It's really beautiful. I'd add a picture of it here but don't think I know how to do that.

    1. It is a nice painting! I looked him up and was relieved when I found the one you were referring to. Being that the majority of his work is just plain ole sleazy. Maybe pinteresters have filtered out all of those... Thanks for thinking of me, Joni!