Project Minima:

Monday, October 26, 2015

What to wear with Pumpkins in the Neighborhood

Yes, it's getting to be that season.  But it's still nice out too.  So here I am in transitional wear.

~ in another vision from the This Is Not My House series ~

The dress is brown linen with blue cotton trim
made from a Tina Givens Madeline pattern, modified.
The top is a slinky knit thing
made from McCalls 6658.
Blue cotton over-the-knee sox
are from Sox Dreams
and the Blue Suede Shoes
are, as ever, from ebay.
Sunglasses from the $ store.

~  it's all very drapey, slouchy ~ favorite kinda comfy and practical, I do declare.  Oh, see those hanging pockets!

~ and strange views from behind ~

and last but not least...

~ the dancing shoes & sox shot ~

We'll be dancin' on over to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style tout de suite.  And Cherie's Shoe and Tell at Style Nudge.  Check us out!

photos by Sara and Viv X.  Thanks ladies!


  1. I think I have the very same shoes on in my post today--only in boring gray. Love the blue SO MUCH MORE. Great find!

  2. Drapey and slouchy - two of the best things a dress can be. Love this, and of course the blue shoes. xo


  3. Brown and blue, a fabulous combination! I love everything! xxx

  4. Most definitely pumpkin approved. And total Blues Musician color inspiration.

  5. That top is amazing especially from the back!
    I love your colour play, and of course the linen!
    xo Jazzy Jack

  6. You remind me of a nomad and I say that with greatest admiration! Wonderful slouchy ensemble with a lovely pinch of blue socks and shoes. Sitting on steps, there's something so familiar about it, even when it's not your house.

  7. I just want to try on your whole wardrobe!

  8. One of my life goals is to own a pair of Blue suede shoes! So far I have Purple suede shoes and Red suede shoes, but not Blue. I do have Blue leather shoes, so I'm not too deprived. :o)

    I just love the Blue trim!!! It makes such a happy pop off the Brown dress.


  9. Beautiful. Love all those fabrics together, and especially love the bold blue sending the eye back up to seek out the color in the drapes of the top! I think it's a little harmless fun to influence how our observer's eye responds in subtle ways! Always the control freak, that's me.

  10. I love the blue shoes and sox, and of course the blue trim on your skirt. I saw a skirt today at an estate sale with pockets, similar to the skirt on the beautiful dress that you made. It would have been perfect for you!!!

  11. gorgeous how you spiced up the flowy ensemble with the pointy blue!!!!!

  12. Blue and orange play so well together! I have always wanted a pair of blue suede shoes - you have such amazing luck with shoes on Ebay.

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