Project Minima:

Monday, November 23, 2015

Featuring My Shoes from NYFW 2015

~ right there, center front ~
yeah, baby.  Now how did I get there?  How else?  I bought those chrome spray-painted booties on ebay, of course.   Cost:  $9 bucks straight from NYC along with the provenance of this photo, etc.

~ close-up with me wearing 'em ~
Here you can see the overall chrome spray with a spritz of aqua here and there.  Just lovely in it's brut naif, isn't it?

~ and my styling complete ~
Wearing a refashioned dress to fit & repair and very old store bought jeans.  You know, keeping it mono-chrome-ish.

Taking it to the streets...

~ a surprise snow fall, brrr ~

But see, see?  I did not make anything I'm wearing!!!  Post Minima here I come.  Although everything did come from ebay...(does that count for something?)  nah.

~ both sides now ~

Ladies,  I'm wearing:
  • $ Store sunglasses
  • scarf from ebay China
  • fabulous wool coat by Zoe of California from ebay
  • chrome ebay boots

~ I must confess... ~
...I did make everything I have on underneath.

~ boot on ice ~

Trotting on over to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style to meet up with all the Visibles.  And Cherie's Shoe and Tell for sure.  See everyone there.  Oh, and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Want party.  Why wouldn't I?


  1. You are the acknowledged queen of eBay shopping! Love that coat especially and those shoes...

    1. It's the homeless look I've been after! tsk-tsk, so very not p.c.

  2. That coat! It's the whole pie, love it. Coolest shoes too - I think they go with everything. xox


    1. Mais oui, spray-painted chrome does go with everything. Do try it at home, ma cherie.

  3. And once again, further proof that you are the queen of online shoe-shopping!