Sunday, May 15, 2016

Still Not Sewing Trio

Back to the vault for the Sewing Workshop Trio Pattern I made last Fall.  Just the thing to wear in our 40 degree May weather.

~ I wore this to Jury Duty Thursday ~

Do you think that's why I wasn't chosen?  Nah, I was only on stand-by anyway.   Sitting there for 6 hours reading a book, plus the commute on the el to and from downtown, left me really wiped out.  You know, from the ole sewing injury.  I slept for a day and a half afterwards.  True story.

~ see, I'm even yawning here ~

Anyway, the Trio pattern consists of a t-shirt, cargo pants with huge zippered pockets and a cropped top.  Of course, I modified each piece.  What I really like are all the fabrics.  The pants are a burned out corduroy print.  The top is a woven red-green.  And the t is a thin abstract stretch knit.

~ a "pin" I made long ago ~
From a bit of fabric almost the same as my top, a tarnished penny, a paper umbrella - the kind that's served with drinks, sea glass...

And the usual finale:

~ my good ole doc martens  ~

Nothing's stopping me from bopping on over to Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style.  Then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like and Cherie's Shoe and Tell when they all go live.  See you there.


  1. I know - it's the sitting around involved in jury duty that's the crusher. I've finished a few novels that way. These are fab funky pieces in your signature fabrics: personality and color and texture, looking good. xox


  2. unusual to see so much of your pants :-)
    but it looks very good - sharp! we call this 2-colored fabrics "chang-chang" - from "changieren" wich means looking different from different angles - and i love them!
    sending good vibes to your shoulder......

  3. Hope the shoulder mends soon and your civic duty passes without too much trauma. One of my friends is serving on a jury of a horrendous case and its causing a few sleepless nights.
    Gorgeous trousers, wonderful fabric and rocking shoes. xxx

  4. I really like your shoes! Look comfy and stylish!


  5. You outfit makes me happy. Hopefully it did so for you as well. FEEL BETTER QUICKLY!!!!! There, that should get those healing energies winging in your direction. XOXO.

  6. Love the trousers - and of course, the shoes. Hope you are feeling good very soon

  7. Wow! I love your pants! I would seriously live in these if they belonged to me. And your red Doc Martens are swoon-worthy!


  8. Your shirt reminds me of my eco dyed fabric. I love your umbrella reuse. Haven't been called to jury duty yet. Glad you could sleep.
    Hope the injury is healing slowly.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  9. Okay I'm blubbering here, but boy do I love your style!

  10. Sorry you are still suffering - I find sitting around to be more tiring than actively engaged in something. Fab pants!


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