Project Minima:

Monday, August 22, 2016

2 Slips,1 Dress

All Tina Givens patterns.
~ I'm wearing all handmade or secondhand stuff ~

When I finished the Violet Dress, I didn't have a slip short enough to wear with it (yet).  So I layered it over my Briare Slip/ Dress and thought it looked fine.

~ with an old abalone pin I've had around ~

Violet is made from thin linen, almost a gauze.  I placed green tulle over the center panel to change the color/ texture.   Then I accidentally melted it while ironing the pleated part with steam.  Hence the lace bits and bobs.  Worked a charm.

~ ta for now ~

Oh, I'm giving you the slip...
~  the Briare Slip/ Dress ~

Made from broadcloth and modified.  Only 1 skirt layer, pockets added, and pleats instead of ruffles.

~ neckline "embroidered" with multi-colored thread ~

~ pleated "ruffle" hem ~

~ les shoes ~

Keep going for View Two and the Latest Slip...

~ Okay, I'm saying cheese! ~

Different day, same dress, shoes and bag. 

~ at the new neighborhood book stall ~

New slip, sox and jewels.

~ with Buddha on a long chain ~

~ latest Briare Slip ~

Made from very light weight blush cotton, perhaps batiste, from my stash.  Modifications included raising the waistline and lining the bodice with self fabric (thus eliminating bias binding neckline and arms).

~ some kind of ruffle action here ~

I did the 2 layer skirt as recommended which helped with the thinness of the fabric.  And added torn strips edged with zigzag stitching which caused that ruffling you see.  So I left it at that and put a couple of layers on each skirt.  It's all very thin, soft and yet fluffy.

And that, my friends, is the end of my story.

Well, except for the bit about having fun with Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style, and Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like, and don't forget Cherie's Shoe and TellCome on by.


  1. Love that book exchange - what a treat to find books out on the sidewalk! And your slips are fab, just the thing. xox


  2. i really love the ruffles on the pink slip! i´m not a ruffle-girl - but if they look a bit "morbide" like here - thats my cup of tea :-)
    the striped dress has something "rokoko" - again!

  3. I want a book exchange on the street, too!
    Loving both looks, that dress is wonderfully cool looking - as are you! xxx

  4. I'd wear the green slip as a dress in a heartbeat, it's wonderful!
    The linen outer dress and the blush shredded ruffles are great too.

  5. I love love love the neckline of the green slip! You're too cute!

  6. Well slippety doo dah. These are some mighty fine slips. I especially love the green one since it is my favorite color. It is perfect with the dress. That abalone pin and hanging Buddha are giving me some nice summer hippie vibes. Gosh. To think I used to like a dress that I didn't have to wear a slip with. Now I WANT to wear a slip.

  7. Ruffle action! And the shoes. All about the shoes.

  8. Love all pieces - most mostly that wonderful peachy slip. How cool you used torn strips.