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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Back in Black

I am

~ Facing It Straight On ~


~ More Or Less ~

And now to business.  That's the first Thai Coat from the Sewing Workshop Patterns I made.  Using some black/beige spiral brocade fabric.  The pants are my second from the Trio pattern of the same company.  This time made 2 sizes smaller.  Seems their patterns generally run big.  The fabric is a lovely charcoal gray/sage spiral print cotton sateen.  The fingerless gloves are made with very stretchy black nylon knit using McCall's 7397 pattern.

and underneath it all...

~ my new wings ~

It's an ivory burnout stretch velvet made into a shawl-like cardigan from Butterick 6065.  I made the sleeves longer and lengthened the collar band.  The top underneath is a self-drafted tee and made from a scrap of abstract nylon sheer knit.

~ Yes ~

~ and big pant pockets, see? ~

~ I just luv this thing ~
It's so soft and snuggly and really does keep me warm.  I see more in my future.

~ both sides now ~

~ oooo ~

Check out my new-to-me Trippens from e-bay.  

After a hard day at the photo shoot, it was nap time for the crew.

~ Albertine et moi ~

On my way now, if it's not to late, to Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style.  Then Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like.  Thanks Giving to all of you guys who stop by and read my blog.  You are what makes me work!  Thanks!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Well, thanks, Sarah. I'd luv to see your blog, but I don't do the google+ thing so I can't find you. Any chance you can leave your blog address here?

  2. Crazy pretty! Love every single piece. The pants are exquisite. All these fabrics are eye candy, must be so much fun to wear!

    1. Crazy pretty is a good combo. I wasn't intending for the things to go together when I made them. They just got together afterward.

  3. I thought the Thai coat was made of leather! Great outfit and great individual pieces for mixing and matching. Love your blog and your esthetic!

    1. I know, it seems to have photo-ed like leather. It's much less shiny in real life. Thanks for all the high praise, Helen. Tried to visit your blog, but seems you haven't been there for many a year...

    2. I had forgotten about that old blog. I gave it a try way back when. I think I am more blog reader than writer.

  4. Albertine - always a joy to see her!!
    Such a fabulous ensemble, the trousers are especially killer.
    Happy Thanksgiving, lady! xxx

    1. I agree, Albertine is pretty much always a joy. Now those boy cats...
      All my spiral clothes just got together that day.
      Thanks, my true love is doing the dinner today!

  5. Such wonderful fabrics each, and all together they are just spectacular. Every time I visit your blog I think I must look for trippens on eBay, but I've never had successs. Do you have certain seller/s you return to or some other secret search skill up your sleeve?

    1. It's no secret. I'm addicted to checking out ebay for Trippens on a daily basis, pretty much. And I'm on a strict budget about it too. If I see something I like, I always ask for the measurements from heel to toe and width across ball of foot, since their sizes vary according to style. That's it: cost, measurement and desire-ability.

  6. Darn it Woman! How do you find so many pairs of Trippens to fit you on Ebay???

    The fabrics in this outfit are so rich, and the pants are very cool.

    1. Perseverance, my dear woman, vigilance is my guide.

  7. hey! totally samurai!! fight it! :-)
    sweet alberine! <3