Project Minima:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Clothes that Work Out

Yep, that's me showing off my work-out wear. 

~  you know, like for exercising ~

I haven't mentioned my routine?

~ hmm, let me show you my moves ~

But first, you have to know I've made whatever I'm wearing, right?  yeah. 

Well, the sweatshirt that says SEW was an XL men's that I cut up, added a collar from the hem and a jacket zipper from my stash.  The pants I made awhile ago from a vintage, heavy linen tablecloth.  And here's the stretch mesh top...

~ stretch mesh with Parisian graffiti  ~

~ Trippen shoes from ebay function as my "gym" shoes ~

~ hey man, are you messing with me? ~

~ the photographer caught in the act of disappearing ~

~ after mimicking my "poses" ~



  1. Cheeky man! Never mess with a woman on a fitness mission. Definitely my kind of exercise wear, pao! Who says you need skintight spandex anyway? You look comfy and functional as well as stylish!

    1. Exactly! It's not like I'm going to go out and buy (or even make) t-shirts and spandex leggings. I'm just going to wear what I have. And goodness knows, everything I have has room to move.

  2. Love the pants.Looooove the pants. Thanks for reminding me about paaaannnnnnnts. That's the project after the commissions for giftage. I love big print pants.

  3. Love, love, love...all of it.

  4. That's the best exercise outfit ever. Love the refashioning of the SEW sweat and those crazy pants.
    How dare that photographer try and sneak off? I have to keep mine on a tight reign, too!
    How expensive are Trippen shoes! I found a pair in a chazza during the summer - miles too small for my hooves - but sold them to a really cool chick at a festival who was mad about them. x

    1. Now, I wonder what your ensemble is for Wii or whatever it is that you exercise to/with?

      You can buy Trippen shoes at their store for $200-$400. Of course, mine are way, way, way less via ebay

  5. That is some wowee work out wear and you are def workin' it!

    1. hehe, I think they're getting used to me after 9 months. Hey, I've even lost 10 lbs. so far.

  6. Fabulous. This outfit looks perfect for exercise - or whatever else one should chose to do in it. And I love your shoes.