Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dressing Feet First

~ well yeah, when they're Trippens (from ebay, of course) ~

Doesn't everyone?  Start dressing from somewhere with something.  I start with what I'm enamored with at the time.  And work on up (or down, or around) from there.  You never know what you'll end up with.

like this gray granny dress
I made this dress up as I went.  I suppose it looks like it, but I thought it was pretty nifty at the time.

it's really comfy
Oh, and I finally got my hair cut, or trimmed.  I thought it looked amazingly different, but nobody noticed.  It was 6 months since I saw my hair dresser (of 30 years) and she said my hair looked darker!?  She knows I don't do anything to it...

close-up of my button pin, red trim & cute wooden buttons

and here's my gray twill overdress

Making up for lost time, I've been showing 2 pieces each post.   This is called the Peplone Shirt/ Jacket from Tina Givens.  I've made it twice so far with slight alterations.

like that half-belt in the back

Now for the obligatory flasher photo
those are some deep pockets

and I Hong Kong finished all the inside seams.  Never again.  And that's it folks.  Thanks for sticking around during my lulls.  I sure appreciate you.


  1. I adore those shoes! I can't go more than 5 or 6 weeks without a haircut or I start threatening to break out the scissors. But I love my hairdresser and she would kill me if I messed with my cut. Can't wait to meet you, dear pao, and see some of your fashion/refashions in person! We can even compare hair colours - mine is finally going more grey.

  2. Trippens are trippy! Love the use of socks.
    Grey flannel has never looked more glamorous.
    Love all the details :-)
    I'm going nowhere! Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. You always find the most unique fabrics to sew with, and of course the best shoes!

  4. Love you style. I love all your patterns! What are hong kong seams? The only foreign named seams I know are French! x

    1. Why they're called that I have no idea. It's a way to finish seam edges. After pressing them open, you sew seam binding onto each edge. Did you know in France, French seams are called English?

  5. The trippens are definitely a pair of shoes to be dressed around. Gorgeous!! I've got my eye on several pairs now that I just got a job.

    I love the fabrics of your dress and jacket. Everything you make looks so breezy and comfortable-cool.

  6. You always find the coolest shoes!!!! And yes, I tend to dress around whatever is newest in my closet. So that means entire outfits have been built around a new pineapple necklace, yes they have. :o)


  7. Fantastic improvisations here, on the dress and the overdress. I researched Hong Kong seams. Yeah, that's tricky business. But don't you feel great knowing that they're there? Secretly?
    And your shoes. Oooh. And jamming with those socks. Yeeeah baby. And the grand finale flash. THOSE are pockets!

  8. I would love to have a pair of Trippens one day, but I can't buy shoes online (fussy feet) and new, they are priced completely out of my budget. I like the shape and pattern of your dress, and your wonderful pockets on the shirt jacket!

  9. Okay, so Melanie's got me beat. Hong Kong finishes? My first thought was french seams, but of course it's something different, which I'll have to research. In the meantime, I'm here admiring you and your work, and your shoes. I stumbled on a Fleuvog store in NY when I was there, and I like Cyd Woq shoes (although they don't fit me well). I'm ready for some cool bespoke-ish shoes (at discount prices) but they haven't appeared...yet. Your Trippens are amazing. As always, I love what you create. Are you ready for Vancouver? Somehow, I don't think they're ready for you, which is a compliment!! Love you dear Pao. I'll see you one of these days. XXXOOO

    1. yeah, I went back and explained the Hong Kong seams to the first person who inquired, Jo Sanders. I really don't know what possessed me. An excess of seam binding, perhaps. My golden boots are Fluevogs (from ebay) - the beginning of my downfall. Usually their designs just seem to have too high of heels for me. Cydwoqs are cool, but used they tend to look too trashed and still too expensive. Once in awhile I can fall into Trippens for really cheap and my size. yay. Oh, I wish you were Vancouvering too. The only people I feel like I 'know' are Melanie, Spy Girl and Louisa, and Patti.


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