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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Back on Track with Dr. Who Coat

...and Trippens to boot, oh my!   So, let's get it on, shall we?

 Those in the know, know, the Dr. Who iconography
~ on the back of my big coat collar ~
I mean there's the tardis, cyborgs, daleks, woo-whee.  A little bit goes a long way.

The whole she-bang
Check out that big 'ole button, man.

Magic made from another Tina Givens pattern
My second Jules coat pattern, modified, of course.  No ruffles, cuffs added, collar reshaped, and not sewed with exposed seams.  

And here's the fabric collage I sewed on the inside of the coat where a label would be.
Whatever could it be/ mean?  

To see my Back on Track Dress and Dream Trippens, keep on going...

I'm bookends!
hey look...

I've refashioned this dress so many times and still never wore it until today. It's originally from a Lynn Mizono pattern, but I didn't like how it looked on me. So among other things, I raised the waistline, added some suspenders I had and then gathered up the voluminous skirt with loops and buttons at each side. Finally I embroidered the words "Back on Track" across one swoop of fabric. I made the necklace and bracelet out of scrapes from the striped part of the dress (fabric which was given to me from a friend's stash).

Dream, Happy by Trippen
heheh, that's their name.  Can you believe my dream Trippens were actually called that fer reel?!  And they were on ebay in my size and I won them.  ohemgee.  That's it, I need no other.

~ the end ~


  1. You have outdone yourself with that coat. I'm happy to see that your shoe mojo is still going strong.

  2. Pao-rrrful! That coat is a dream come true, big collar, big button, big blue, and exterminate. Does it get any better? And you completely fixed that dress. I love suspenders on big clothes. And the shoes, don't even get me started. An apt name for them, I agree.

  3. The coat is incredible, but I am SWOOOONING for those shoes. Trippens, especially the geta-style ones rock my world. I'm still sad I gave mine up during a physically painful time. I have them back on my wishlist.

    I lovelove the dress. I'd put that on my wishlist too ;P

  4. You are full of amazingness!
    Don't you find sometimes things that don't work initially can end up your favourites. Of course sometimes you just have to turf them! Don't look at me!
    But I'm sure your funky suspendered dress will be a favourite.
    Those shoes look amazing, but not sure if I could walk in them.
    That blue is stunning on you! Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I'm not very familiar with Dr. Who but that coat is pretty darn fantastic.

  6. Oooh! Love! The coat, the dress, the shoes...and Doctor Who. Is that a timey-wimey thing? Or a flying saucer beaming you up?

  7. I'm no Dr Who fab but I'm a huge fan of you and that incredible coat! xxx

  8. EEEEEEeeeeeee, those shoes!!! Some day I shall have a pair of Trippens, and I want them to have the split soles like yours.

    The Dr. Who coat is damn cool.

  9. Now you just need the 4th Doctor's scarf!!!!