Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Monster Mash vs. My Ouiji Sox

~ Here we are, doing our thing, ya'll ~

~ with a little Saturday Night Fever move, uhuh ~

It was all very scary.  Thank goodness for my Ouiji sox.  Although they didn't know what to spell out, given the circumstances.  Still, I felt covered some how...

~ until the dance of the seven three veils, that is ~

~ anyway, there were non-stop photo opps ~
  with thanks to Sara for photo-ing

Ladies.  I'm wearing:

  • a lovely batik cotton dress made from a Marcy Tilton pattern #8876
  • my upcycled black yoga shorts turned into sheer pantaloons
  • the aforementioned ouiji knee sox 
  • my ancient red Doc Martens
  • an old wooden bead bracelet that I found somewhere

 I'll be seeing you with the Visibles at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style on Monday.  That's one not to miss!


  1. Those socks are "out of this world". Cue theremin. WooooooooEeeeeeeWooooooo...

  2. That fabric is gorgeous. And I love the socks too; looking for special messages visible to over 60's only xox


  3. Bright colors, elephants, and an oh so cute collar for the win!


  4. That is the brightest version of that Marcy Tilton dress pattern ever seen anywhere! Totally the polar opposite of my stormy one. You look fab, darling!

  5. Your outfit is the business, miss! I want every piece of it!

  6. beautiful dress and gorgeous pantalons!!!!

  7. I'm really into shoes lately and love, love, love your red Docs. I've been noticing you have a great collection. Are you cutting back on shoes, too? (OH NO)

  8. I love the big reveal at the end. And the three veils cracked me up. Great dress! That fabric is so jewel-like and I love the black filmy underskirt. Do the socks make your legs tingle as they spell out words?! Love the whole thing, paowr on!

  9. Now I desperately want a pair of Ouija Board knee socks, which, before seeing this post, I never knew existed....

  10. That dress is a thing of beauty and the ancient DMs could cause a riot! xxxx

  11. Terrific dress, envious of those ouija socks.


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