Project Minima:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time Is On My Side

Yes it is.  I was able to get into my studio and sew for the first time since my birthday (and pneumonia) 2 weeks ago.  yea!   At first I just sat in there with my head resting on the chair, I was still so tired.

painting by Laura James.

But after awhile I couldn't help myself and starting sewing on something that was just about finished.    And I completed it!!!!  An Asian-esque top I had refashioned to fit by adding side inserts and changing the sleeves up a bit. 

I feel so happy...


  1. Hope you're finally feeling better! Pneumonia is no fun at all.

    1. Yes, this was a turning point for me in getting back some energy. I've just checked out your site - I think we're kindred spirits!