Project Minima:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Take Your Yellow Skirt to School Day

And so it was on this day, the Lady wore the Yellow Skirt to one of our City Colleges, wherein she facilitates a painting group for picture-makers in the making. 

Of interest to our historians, is the more subdued look Pao achieved by layering a black chiffon slip over the Yellow Skirt.

~ Pao poses amidst the student storage area  ~

It seems one of the group wore his St. Nicholas cap and a spontaneous re-enactment commenced that children of Pao-land recognize with glee.

Hee Hee Hee

Another treat, dear Reader, is a portrait of the picture-maker, painting the picture, after taking the picture of our lady posing for the picture for our Pao Calendar 2014.

Susan, painting and Pao, posing

Susan will send the painting group our calendars before the end of the month!

detail of Pao and the Yellow Skirt by Susan

and Le boots

...the last day cometh soon...


  1. Too cool, Pao, that you will be in the calendar in the FYS. Thanks, Susan! Wonderful painting. I like how you layered the black chiffon over the skirt and your sneaky colourful tights/socks peeking out from underneath. Le boots, oh yes.

    1. I know, the calendar is too cool for school, for sure! And with the FYS, it's really over the top. Thanks again Melanie for getting this all started...

  2. That yellow skirt has had a miraculous effect on you, Pao. I definitely see you smiling for one thing. So cute with Santa!

    1. Yes, that's for sure, Louisa. The Yellow Skirt saves the day!

  3. Your students look pretty happy for being stored in those lockers - your magic at work! Sweet glimpse of the calendar, and joyful moment on Santa's knee, and I love your combination of florals, chiffon, and hardware.