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Monday, December 29, 2014

December Beauties

I made a few.  At least four.  Let's get the show on the road with my Rose Hips Wonder: 

Yeah, there's a whole lotta velvet going on.

I finally learned how to use the timer on my camera and thought the pictures would be much better.  Not so.  They still seem pretty grainy to me.  I don't think the res goes very high on the camera to begin with.  We'll see.  I'm a very slow evolver.

Moving on...

and just hanging around.
It has the swoosh factor.
Notice the stunning crew sox, always a fashion statement.
Also great for swooning
and swaying...or vice versa.

Everybody's into the act.

The dress, which is really a jumper, is made from a Tina Givens pattern, called Bethany.  It's made with a lightweight velvet and trimmed with unhemmed linen around the neckline, armholes and hem.  And it's all washable!  I made the blouse much earlier from my stash.  A semi-sheer dusty mauve dotted swiss using a Simplicity pattern.  I don't have detail shots of the dress yet, but when I do they'll be on my Clothes from Winter page.

Now I'm off to Patti's Not Dead Yet Style to join all the post-holiday Visibles! 
SpyGirl's 52 Pick-me-up showcases Panatone's color for 2015: Marsala.  Who knew that was the exact color of my new velvet dress.  I just gotta go and join that party too.  Come on over and join us at both places.


  1. Great swish! I love velvet anythings, so this dress is making me smile. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and happy new year, xox.

  2. Wonderful in a sweeping dramatic Gone With the Wind kind of way.
    Also perfect for lounging in a chaise, absinthe in hand...

  3. That's a whole lot of velvet!!! Which of course means a whole lot of awesomeness. I look forward to the details when you get them up. Happy New Year, Pao!! xo

  4. The velvet is so pretty and perfect for the dress.

  5. I always have problems getting good quality photos when I used my timer and tripod. The velvety goodness is perfect for swooning! Happy New Year Pao!

  6. Yummy dress. It's really got it all (smartness, and coolness and color and texture and you in it!) and the photos are great! My camera (and my photographer) both are awkward ... I feel bad about bitching about Dan's volunteer services as Jan's Blog Dogbody, but I gotta get a better camera. The timer on mine is awkward ( I tend to look bewildered in the shots when I use it) so I want one with a remote shutter release. Thinking about that and plotting for early 2015 ...
    Hope your New Year's Day is all you want it to be!

  7. Yes! You ace the masala match! I love the silhouette of this dress. It looks very comfy without being frumpy. Thanks for linking up! xxox