Project Minima:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

State of Project Minima: Year 4, Qtr. 2

~ painting by Viky Garden ~

Time to assess the Fall Quarter here at Project Minima, even though I'd rather...
Being accountable is a good thing.  Here we go.  Let's go to the Clothes for Fall page and see what's been happening there.

Inventory is as follows:
  • 3 tops (2 were rehabs of rehabs and 1 was from a tablecloth)
  • 4 pieces of lingerie (1 cami and 3 slips to go with specific dresses)
  • 12 dresses!  (3 from Vogue designers Anna Sui, Lynn Mizono and Marcy Tilton; 6 loosely based on Tina Givens patterns, 3 of which came from tablecloths; and 4 flannel shirt re-creations)
Total of 19 items for Fall Quarter.  20 items from the 1st Qtr., Summer, of Year 4, for a total of 39 thus far.  12 dresses each quarter!  I love me some dresses.

Speaking of trends:
  • dresses at the forefront
  • tablecloths still in there
  • lovin' Tina Givens designs, like t-o-t-a-l-l-y
  • buying socks, warm knee socks at
  • big slow down on ebay shoes (although I did get a pair of red Trippens for $50 bucks!)
  • AIYIYI, bought more fabric on sale than I've ever done in my life!!!!!  Velvet, flannel, fleece, heavy cotton, corduroy, jersey knit, oh my.
I'm in love with sewing, that is when I'm not frustrated by it.  But that always passes after a good nap with a kitty.

Happy holidays to you all!  And what are you wearing?


  1. Replies
    1. Yea, no contest.
      STAshworth, where are you?

    2. I'm right here! No blog, if that's what you mean.

    3. Yes! An invisible speaker, nice meeting you.

  2. You love your dresses because they look so awesome on you and you are so good at making them like a dream living in fabric. I'm cheering you on for the next quarter.

    1. Hey Melanie, so glad to see you. That's what I've needed - cheer leaders, woot, woot!

  3. What a good girl you've been this year! Santa will surely be generous. I, on the other hand, have not been, so..... nevermind. There's always next year!
    Big Heaps of Happy Holidays to you, Pao!

    1. Not a good girl? Thank goodness for that! You look so pretty in pink, Jan.

  4. Very impressed with your inventory (can't have too many dresses!) and that you scored a pair of red Trippens for $50!!!!!