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Monday, October 3, 2016

Fearless Farking Fashion, hmmm.

~ Chicago Girl is Here to Save the Day ~

Yeah.  From Farkless Fashion.

~ Chicago Girl after A Good Day's Work ~

of Fearlessly Farking Fashion From Her to Eternity and Back, with never-ending bravissima beamed directly and otherwise from Miz Baggs and/or Melanie among others who have not been named.  Like Shelley of Forest City Fashionista and her list of the Great 8.

~ You know who you are ~

But hey, there's way more than 8 Great Ones, right?    Do show and tell!  Patti's Not Dead Yet Style is a very good place to do it.  That's just where I started.  And who knows the places you'll go...

~ like leaving the geese behind ~

~ they only cross the road in single file ~

And you cannot interrupt them.

~ when I followed behind, they got all discombobulated ~

~ so yeah, that's the Chicago Skyline in the mist ~

It's about a 15 minute drive from here or so.  I'm at Montrose Harbor now which is a straight shot East of school, about 5 minutes.

~ and this is Lake Michigan and my newly made coat  ~

from DKNY Vogue 1074 .  It took a long time for me to construct.   You can read about it in excruciating detail on my Sewing Daily page if you want.   I do like the fabrics used and how it turned out.

~ hi ~

Chicago has open lakefront all along the city which is really wonderful.  Some areas are like this, others have harbors with sailboats, beaches and parks.

~ no swimming.  no kidding. ~

~ Hey, who's that bird on the Nature Trail? ~

Find out more details...

It's the same silk dupioni 'suit' from last post, EXCEPT, with a different under-top and boots.  But I also made some alterations for the better.  Highlighted here:

~ added extension strip to fill in one of the gaps ~

~ created a 6" double pleat on each side seam to take in excess ~

~ added a fringed hem side pocket ~

~ added a cargo-type pocket with fringed flap to other side ~

and I just wanted to show you my coat label...

~ oh, it's too small to read ~

~ yeah, bay-bee ~

~ don't forget my first ebay shoes/ boots ~

Phew what a long (pix-wise) post.   But of course, I'm off to Patti and the Visibles Not Dead Yet Style to show my stuff and see all the others, Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like, and Cherie's Shoe and Tell.  Come on by.


  1. Chicago Girl is on it, as always. Love your super-powers coat (and the label). Water everywhere, and no hurricanes - sounds solid. xox


    1. Yeah, no hurricanes or tidal waves. But we do get BIG SNOW.

  2. loooove that coat! absolutely beautiful! fabric, cut, lining! you´r a sewing super girl indeed!!

  3. Yes, using your super powers for super stuff! Thanks Chicago Girl!

  4. I rest easier at night knowing Chicago Girl is on the case! Especially in that superpower outfit. Yeaaah bay-bee. Fabulicious farkalicious. Heh. The label - hahaha, that's the best. All round inspiration here. Thanks for the shout-out too!

    1. I need to make that coat have cape wearing abilities. Ready for farking fashion at a flash. yeash.

  5. You most definitely have the best superpowers, Chicago Girl! Hilarious tag. Gorgeous duds.

    1. Hey Louise, so you're back in town/ country from the ever lasting trip of a lifetime? I bet you've done a ton of knitting too.

  6. That coat is the stuff of legends, I love it! xxx

  7. Oh, it's really just the fabric, isn't it?

  8. OooooWheeee, I love that coat! Gorgeous pattern choice, cool label, and it looks brilliant over the silk outfit.

    The geese often cause traffic slowdowns here on the university campus where I work when they decide to cross the road, verrrrrry slowly, and single file.

    1. I know, how did they learn that? Well they don't try it on the real streets cuz LSD drivers are going fast. That's Lake Shore Drive, by the way.

  9. I love your boots! There are really unusual and its nice to have something unique. It would be great if you could pop by my link up and add a post this week :)

    1. Those golden boots are Fluevog. And what started by ebay footwear buying.

  10. That coat is super the colors and the Chicago skyline is just gorgeous! NIce post!

    Fashion and tRavel

  11. First of all there is the silhouette. Crazy good. Then there are all the little details. Honestly, you have the spirit of a true artisan. A standing ovation from me. XXXOOO