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Monday, February 15, 2016

Copper and Wine...

with Hot Fuchsia and Dancing Leopard Dragons.  That's what I wore to school.

~ oh, I think this pix looks a little washed out ~

Or maybe it's just me.

Anyway the actual names of my clothes are Frankie and Olivia.  No, I don't go around naming them, but that's the names given for the patterns from Tina GivensFrankie includes the crop top and pants.  Olivia is the tunic top/dress.  I think they go well together. 

~ I mean Frankie just needs somebody else ~
Without Olivia or someone like her, Frankie would just be too, too...matchy-matchy!

Frankie is made from a deep copper stretch velvet with added wine linen trim that has writing on it!   Olivia is made from a slinky knit, I mean really slinky.  That's why she needs Frankie both over and under her.

~ whom has ambushed whom here ~

~ a fellow Francophile ~ attempting to read the French script written endlessly across the linen hem of my pants.  Alas, it's only going in short vertical bursts on the shirt hem.

It's her lovely hat that ended up with my ensemble (temporarily, of course).

~ and le Trippen from ebay ~

Perhaps you can make out the, it's probably a love letter,  or x-rated?

Oh, and I found out I actually learned something in the making of this outfit.  I was just saying to my true love that I'm not really a good sew-er, I just love sewing and the creative aspect of it.  I was never really taught and I approach it like I do art-making, by experimenting.  Anyway, I remembered I had worked with similar fabrics (stretch velvet with linen trim) a year or two ago and went to look at that dress to see how I had handled it.   In looking at it, it suddenly hit me I had hand sewn it all because I couldn't figure out how to sew it by machine back then.   wow.  And now I can.  Now I know to use a very specialized microsharp needle for stretch knits and use a stretch stitch that my Viking is capable of producing.   Happy Days, I tell you, happy days.  

Back to business here.  I'm heading over to Patti's and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style.  Not to be missed.  Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like party.  And Cherie's Shoe and Tell.  Come on by.
Seeing as I have a hat on, I'm linking to the Style Crone's latest Hat Attack right now!


  1. Happy days, for sure! So you're a self-taught creative, I love that. And I agree, Frankie and Olivia are made for each other, fabulous mix. xo


  2. And I thought you said you didn't layer?!! See, it's not so bad. :-) Isn't it wonderful when you revisit your work and realize you might have actually gotten better? Very cool stuff, as always. XO

  3. Love that velvet! Totally my colour. And Le Trippens too! Sigh.

  4. Oooo, there you are with another one of your fab pairs of shoes from Ebay!!! Olivia and Frankie do go very well together (much better than Frankie and Johnny). I am so pathetic at sewing - I tried to repair a split seam in the front of a skirt by hand (I don't own a sewing machine) and it ended up all puckered. Sigh.

  5. I love this pairing. You always have THE best fabrics!
    How exciting to realise you've learnt something. This learning creeps up on us :-)
    Maybe the death of the old machine opened the door to this new reality.
    I love to think you are wafting words at the ants as you wander.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  6. Wow! I really like this outfit - lovely colours and style.
    Sewing knits is a very useful skill - actually I am very impressed that you sewed the last lot by hand - I think that's pretty difficult. You must be a good hand sewer.

  7. I can see that those are really great fabrics. Such nice rich colors. I think the French writing says that you are tres chic. I actually learned to sew in Home Ec class in junior high. As a result I can only officially make three things: a pajama bag, an apron and an A-line skirt.

    1. Qu'est-ce que c'est pajama bag?

    2. Le pajama bag est un pillow case in which to store les pajamas while you are awake. It must be made out of gingham with rick rack and a snap closure. 1960's home ec at its best.

  8. I was very excited to see you and your headwear show up on Hat Attack. Thank you so much. Your ensemble flows with elegance. You are art Pao, and always an inspiration!

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