Project Minima:

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hit the Mute, Dear

~ this room has all the colors I can take ~

Today I've dressed myself in all sorts of pastel-y colors, muted patterns and soft textures.

~ And turned my back on bright and vibrant hues ~

ahh, the peace and quiet of lilac knitted over-the-knee socks paired with old Doc Marten Mary Jane shoes.

~ uhhuh ~

Can we get a close up of that?

~ yeah, that's what I'm talking about ~

Ladies, what I'm wearing today is:
  • the Becca jacket pattern made as a vest by Tina Givens (now out of print)
  • a linen wrap-around dress modified from Simple Modern Sewing
  • the aforementioned sox from Sox Dreams
  • the Doc Martens from ebay
  • $ store reading glasses
oh, and check out the handmade fasteners on my vest

~ fasteners by Sara ~
and photo-ing by Sara too!

Just in time for Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style.  Catherine's I Will Wear What I Like, and Cherie's Shoe and Tell.  Do stop by and see the gang. 


  1. Just the perfect amount of colors, I think! Love those shoes, they make me happy. Thanks so much for linking, xox


  2. Just a beautiful -Spring is on its way - kinda outfit. Oh I just love those fasteners. It's those little details that are often missing on a lot of clothing these days. Sigh....

  3. This outfit is adorable! You've got me all ready for spring!

  4. Those colours aren't ones I'd associate with a rock star like you but they work a treat! xxx

  5. The fasteners are the perfect accessory to the jacket. They look like little flowers. So pretty.

  6. Oh, it does start with the shoe, does it not? It's a very early spring palette: a little apple green, a little periwinkle (hey, the vinca are blooming this week!). Love the first photo ("it's too much, the soft blues and the acid opposites!")!

  7. I would kill for your shoe collection! (But first: What size shoe do you wear? Lol!)

    1. Well, I don't know then. What size do you wear and where do you live?

  8. the impersonation of spring!
    are this fasteners made out of metal? they look very interesting!

    1. a rose gold colored metal wire, I think that's used for jewelry making.

  9. You surprised me here! The soft colors and dramatic pose!! Never say never. :-) Spring must be on it's way. XXXOOO

  10. You look lovely in this. I don't know if I've ever seen you in such muted shades before?
    I have got sock envy, I love those lilac ones