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Monday, March 14, 2016

Burnt Sienna and Charcoal, they said

...or maybe Brillo pad with sporadic black gunk.

~ hmmm ~

Whatever it is, I made something from it.   Something biblical I think.

~ no, no, just kidding ~
~ help, help, I'm a burning bush, man! ~

What I made was from a Tina Givens Leigh Coat pattern, with quite a few modifications. The fabric is actually a very light weight, loosely woven, semi-sheer, stretchy knit. And in the sun, it shines like a new copper penny. Do they still make them out of copper?

~ it's just the same inside and outside ~

I'm wearing it over the Tina Givens Frankie velvet ensemble and Olivia tunic I posted about a couple weeks ago.
So here I go again straight over to Patti and the Visibles at Not Dead Yet Style, Catherine's I Will Wear What I like and Cherie's Style Nudge Shoe and Tell.

And...there's more extra credit after the break!

The lovely Sara is modeling the new test dress I made for her (on comission, no doubt).  This one is a polyester chiffon based on a Lynne Mizono Vogue 1410 pattern and my own mix-up of a kimono bolero.

~ full length with bolero ~
You can't see the details with the wild print, but it has outside darts or tucks in front and back.  And being chiffon, is very sheer. 

~ adding a t-shirt and leggings ~

~ at mid-length ~

There's buttons along the inner side seams to allow for adjusting the dress length up or down which creates different shapes and flow of the skirt.

~ and at tunic length ~

The real deal is yet to come.  Silk Chiffon, I say SILK chiffon lined with SILK chiffon in the palest of colors with almost no print to speak of.  Same dress and bolero for a Mother of the Groom dress.  eeeee.  I may end up hand-sewing the whole thing.  We shall see.


  1. Ah, you both look brilliant. Love the copper color of your new coat, and the awesome drape-iness of it. Thanks for linking up, sewing goddess. xo


  2. Ooh, that's totally my colour! And we don't even have pennies in Canada any more. It'll have to be a copper something else now! Love the Mizono dress too. It magically looks good on everybody. Mine version is boring black.

  3. Your coat is a beautiful colour - it's so dramatic. I really like the whole outfit.

  4. Shiny penny! That's my new jam, but no photos this week.
    I have not seen anyone actually sew that Mizono pattern, and that was a shame. I've about as guilty as the next; I buy them but I veer to the Miyakes or the self drafted when the actual sewing happens.
    Thanks for the kick up the backside!

  5. Brilliant brillo with gunk!! I bet you swoosh something fierce in this gorgeous garb. I love it, Pao. And the dress with adjustable length is pretty amazing. I can't wait to see the version in silk chiffon too.
    No more copper, for pennies that is. I think.

  6. You had me at "something Biblical"!!! :o)

  7. ha - biblical :-)
    thanks for that! the whole ensemble has some overwhelming warmth - in a snowstorm i would flee to you and hide under your coat! would you mind?
    the chiffon dress looks already fabulous even in poly - it would be magic in silk! you can sew it on the machine, just test out the best thread tension on both - upper & under thread, use a thin and very new needle (and have some in reserve). a well adjusted overlocker is your best friend - especially for the hems. if you don´t have one there is a technic for hemming chiffon with a zickzack-stich - saw it somewhere in the internet.... sorry - have no link.
    i use to talk to my sewing machine when she has to sew complicated fabric :-)

  8. That isn't just biblical, it's a biblical epic! fab colour, great shape, amazing lining.
    Sara's looking pretty cool, too. xxx

  9. That robe/coat does have something rather biblical about it - you need a matching copper staff to use when you are issuing your commandments.

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my post about the party. I really wish I could have had the members of my blogging community there, what a blast we would have had!!

  10. Only recently found you - so glad I did!

    1. ooo Carol, and how did that happen? I'm off to visit you now.

    2. I found you threw Patti's Monday link (I think!) - hello hello!!!

    3. eep I mean "through" - d'oh!